One Couple's Wondrous Engagement Session in China

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This couple had always wanted to have a memorable and fun pre-wedding photo shoot that was not restricted to any schedules. So, as soon as the talented Bali-based photographer, Fire, Wood, & Earth introduced the Travel Diary, a pre-wedding photography concept that documents a couple's traveling experiences in a laidback manner, Guido and Shierly quickly agreed to do it.

When asked about this concept, the photographer added, "When they look at the photos, they will be able to reminisce the heartwarming memories they shared with each other. It will add a beautiful story to their journey together."

Beijing and Shanghai were chosen as both cities housed memorable memories for the couple. Shierly used to study there, and Guido often visited her on holidays. It took nine days for them to complete the whole trip. "It was the first and longest Pre-Wedding Travel Diary that we had ever done," said the photographer.

From a vintage record store to the majestic Great Wall of China in Beijing, also The Bund in Shanghai, Shierly and Guido were dressed differently in every setting. As a result, every occasion had its own remarkable memory. Although Shierly had to do her own makeup, she glowed so beautifully in every frame.

Looking at each photo, we could see how the calm and composed Shierly is truly a perfect match for the playful and romantic Guido. They never felt shy to show how they felt for one another, embracing each other warmly whenever possible. This was, of course, noticed by their photographer. "We love how they enjoyed each other's company so much. Their expressions and gestures were very natural, and they made it easy for us to do our job. Also, the experiences we enjoyed together with the couple made us feel like we were part of their story."


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