One Couple's Traditional Javanese Matrimony with Eclectic Decoration

by Belle Biarezky Jan 22, 2019 | 09:00 in Real Weddings 


Raras and Aryo were consistent in having a true Javanese spirit for their wedding ritual series. It's without wonder if they decided to choose Plataran Cilandak, which owns a Joglo House, as the place to say "I do". The lush greeneries and pond at the venue intensified the intimacy, from the holy matrimony until the panggih ritual. This cultural atmosphere was also enhanced through similar small details, such as the ring box and the dowry box with a rustic wooden design.

Channeling an all-white look, Raras and Aryo showed their totality wearing a traditional wedding costume during the holy matrimony in the afternoon. A kutu baru kebaya with a red corset wrapped Raras who wore a Javanese updo, while Aryo added a bow tie to his beskap which brought a certain uniqueness.

Even though it rained cats and dogs during the evening reception, the weather, apparently, did not stop the guests' enthusiasm. "We were very happy seeing a lot of people coming and congratulating us although hard rain came right after the holy matrimony," expressed the bride. The weather finally stood on Raras and Aryo's side. The rain stopped at 19.30 sharp when the reception was officially opened. Accompanied by drizzles, the newlyweds entered the reception venue with kebaya and beskap by Renzi Lazuardi.

Different from the holy matrimony, the couple agreed to throw a modern concept for the dinner reception. As a result, they put an eclectic appearance. Wearing a long kebaya, Raras put a simple updo. Still in a beskap, Aryo took a batik pants to complete his look.

Not only their dresses, the Javanese decoration was also felt eclectic. Budi Nugroho from Vintage Art Design admitted that Raras and Aryo highly appreciated the beauty of Javanese culture, but also wished it could be packaged in a modern taste. "Javanese wedding is mostly dominant with gebyok decoration. However, they looked for another Javanese elements, beside gebyok, to make their wedding incomparable," as Budi confessed. He finally chose janur arrangements to decorate most of the event.

Aryo and Raras intentionally decided to not have their own wedding stage, so they can freely greet the guests. This concept was well-perceived by Budi who has prepared some decorative spots which were great as photoshoot backgrounds. An umbul-umbul inspired janur braids placed on the ceiling was one of the decorative attention stealers at that evening. There was also a backdrop adorned with lurik fabric and gunungan-shaped janur. Other than that, those round LED strips-inserted woven bamboo highlighted a such romantic glow for the first dance. Exceptionally, these woven bamboo were actually traditional trays which were once used as strainers for various kitchen needs by people from old ages. To make these 80 cm to 1.5 m diameter crafts, Budi collaborated with crafters from Sukabumi. All of those extraordinary decorations have shown that traditional daily crafts, such as janur, have a high potential to be lively and fresh traditional-concept wedding decorations.


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