Miss Mondial x Dian Sastrowardoyo Launches a Curated Collection, Koleksi Sahabat Dian

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In addition to introducing Dian Sastrowardoyo as their first brand ambassador, Miss Mondial also launches an exclusive collection of curated jewelry by the actress along with the latest store opening located in Plaza Indonesia. Over the years, the extensive line of Mondial Jeweler has been distinctively noticed for its fresh design, crafted for fashionable and modern young women. It isn't surprising at all when Dian Sastrowardoyo gets appointed as their brand ambassador, is it?

We all know Dian Sastrowardoyo for her independence, intelligence, and passion for the environment, those qualities then ensured Jenny Prasojo as the General Manager of Mondial and Miss Mondial to collaborate with the actress. On the press gathering event, the actress also revealed how she began the collaboration. Apparently, there was a deeper story behind their collaboration that is called Koleksi Sahabat Dian. In fact, she was one of the few customers who frequently requested to re-craft some of the displayed jewelries. "As I pick my outfit, I would imagine beforehand if they would look beautiful when paired with a particular jewel," she explained. Furthermore, she added how oftentimes during her visit to the store, she found out how there was a certain collection that she loved the design but wanted to wear as something that wasn't available, thus she asked for a customization.

Thus, having said that, Dian Sastrowardoyo presents four of her exclusive jewelry collections to the storefront of Miss Mondial, namely Solace, Drop of the Sun, Jardin Carre and Tournesol. As the name may imply, each design of this collection centers around the sun and nature. For solitaire rings admirers, don't you miss the Solace collection that features a single diamond mounted on the sunbeam-like setting.

Each of Koleksi Sahabat Dian comes in diamond-accented pendants, rings, and earrings that would be perfect for daily wear. Without a doubt, Miss Mondial has only processed high-quality grade diamonds that are mined in a conflict-free source. Such environmental-friendly attitude is just in line with the actress' philosophy in her own CSR program, which is Yayasan Dian Sastrowardoyo whose focus is to support women empowerment in Indonesia. On a side note, some of the sales from Koleksi Sahabat Dian will be donated to the foundation's program in helping Indonesian women to finish their college education.


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