Love is worth the wait

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Wise men said that the most beautiful kind of love blooms twice: the first one is when two really different kind of people decide to compliment each other with their own uniqueness, and the second one – which is even more beautiful – is when friendship turns into lovers. And we know there are only a few very lucky people to bloom that most beautiful kind of love.

Douglas and Charis are the two of the lucky ones. Very lucky, we'd say – because their love compliments each other, and at the same time, it blooms as their friendship turns into lovers, and now, life partner.

He is the easy-going guy. She is the quite girl. He is the crazy acoustic guitar guy who doesn't care about what others thought of him. She is in love with sports. It took 9 years for them to find each other on the side of romance. Yet in those 9 years, they grew in their characters, took charge of their own lives, matured themselves into stronger and wiser individuals.

And then, boom! The sparks flew.

They started to spend more time with each other and one day, he busted out the "I like you" awkward statement, and then everything changed. But they remained like friends up till the day Charis walked down the aisle to meet Douglas. They never held hands nor kissed. Their first kiss happened at the altar. It warms our hearts to know that in this day and age, some people still value purity and innocence as they do.

For the biggest day of their lives, they started out without any particular concepts in mind; but they both love green, and Charis likes pink, and chose those two colors for a basic theme. Charis looked unbelievably stunning in her classy, timeless white wedding dress and her million dollar smile.

Our most favourite moment is their first dance! Look at their laughter! Happiness is truly beautiful!

Here's what the Bride said about their proposal:

Right from the beginning, we knew where our relationship was heading: marriage. Douglas waited very patiently for me, and in the end, he proposed with the blue sapphire ring that I was telling all my girlfriends about. He took me to the beach where it was raining. We trenched through the sand to the rocks under an umbrella; he knelt and out came the ring from his pocket. He asked me to marry him, and I said yes!


  • Photography: Paper Cranes Productions
  •  | 
  • Videography: David Kang Films
  •  | 
  • Wedding Planning: Esther Sylvester
  •  | 
  • Venue: Hillsong Chapel , Parramatta Phoenix
  •  | 
  • Catering: Parramatta Phoenix
  •  | 
  • Wedding Cake: Sugareggflour & La Vigne
  •  | 
  • Favors & Gifts: Tabitha Hyun
  •  | 
  • Entertainment (Music): Tabitha Hyun & James Paik , diamondelite
  •  | 
  • Hair & Makeup: Rosie
  •  | 
  • Bridal: Bridal Secrets
  •  | 
  • Men's Formal Wear: Calibre
  •  | 
  • Jewelry: thenaturalsapphirecompany

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