K-Beauty Routines to Prepare Your Skin Towards the Big Day

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When it comes to wedding beauty, Korean women are serious about their skin care. Here are some of their skin-depth focused beauty rituals that you can build towards your wedding day.

10-Step Skincare Routine
The 10-step routine is the hallmark of Korean beauty. It has became a global phenomenon to achieve the healthy skin we all craved for. If you find slathering yourself with beauty products therapeutic, then this would be the perfect skincare regime to build before the special day. Here are the steps:

1. Makeup Remover & Oil Cleanser
Breaks down oil-based debris, such as makeup and skincare.
2. Water Based Cleanser
Removes water-based impurities, such as sweat and dirt.
3. Exfoliatior
Helps clean pores and shed off dead skin cells for visibly brighter and smoother skin.
4. Toner
Balancing moisture and pH levels.
5. Essence
Hydrates and aids cell turnover.
6. Treatments
Packed with powerful ingredients, boosters, serums and ampoules will directly treat problem areas.
7. Sheet Mask
Infuses your skin with concentrated essence.
8. Eye Cream
Hydrates and prevents dark circles, puffiness, and crow's feet.
9. Moisturizer
Seals in moisture to plump and smooth skin.
10. Sun Protection
Protects the skin from damaging UV rays.

Sheet Mask
We would say that sheet mask is probably the core of K-Beauty routine. Most brands carry this product. It's mostly affordable and simply hassle-free. If you feel like you can't keep up with the 10-step beauty routine, sheet masking everyday could be an option. Yes, it's ok to apply it everyday as long as your masks are not labeled 'anti-aging', which are usually formulated with exfoliating glycolic acid that are too strong for daily use and will cause iritation. Use a soothing and hydrating mask for two weeks up to a month that will give a healthy glow on the big day.

7-Skin Method
Imagine bouncy, radiant, clear skin that's plumped up with hydration on a daily basis. K-Beauty is still persistent making a major hit on a global scale, with 7-Skin Method being one of the most buzzed hydration treatments over the past couple years. The technique evolved from three-step method to the now legendary seven steps. In short, it's layering up on three to seven layers of toner or essence immediately after cleansing. The idea of this method is to help your skin drink in the product, so you can reach softer and flawless skin. Some do the seven-skin method weekly, and apply a three or five-skin every other day. If your skin needs extra hydration, this is the right regime to do before the wedding.

V-Line Facial Contour
A v-shape visage is coveted by many, especially Korean women. The v-shaped face provides a youthful experience and accentuates your facial features. In fact, many would go under the knife to achieve it. If you are not ready to get a nip and tuck, there is a safer option to attain this look by using a v-mask that is now available in the beauty industry. Infused with active ingredients to lift saggy skin and redefine jaw line, v-mask helps to tighten the face and break down fat cells without surgery.

So, which K-Beauty routines are you willing to try before the big day? Share your opinion on the comment box.

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