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Is It Okay Not to Have Bridesmaids on Your Wedding?

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Having bridesmaids for your wedding might be one customary thing that everyone followed through time after time. Then again, wondering whether or not to have bridesmaids, will depend on what kind of wedding you're planning to have and of course, your own opinions. Here are some thoughts if you plan not to have bridesmaids on your special day.

1. It is all about you
Your wedding is your most special day where you can do anything you've dreamed of. If you feel like it's hard for you to group which friends should be your bridesmaids, it's never wrong to not have any bridesmaids at all. It's your most important day, so stop trying to fit in. Just because everybody is doing it, doesn't mean you have to do it as well.

2. Intimate type wedding
Mostly, the brides who decided not to have bridesmaids are planning to have a very intimate and small wedding party, with only 10-30 guests at most. Or, you can opt for an elopement wedding where it's always without bridesmaids.

3. Giving you a financial favor
When you decided to have bridesmaids, you will need to spend more on your wedding budgets; their dresses, bouquets, and even hair and makeup too. If you're on very tight budget, a good friend will understand and you don't need to worry about what people might say.

4. Ease some of your wedding preparation
Having no bridesmaids means fewer things on your wedding to-do-list and preparation. You can have a total focus on yourself. However, you can still ask a friend to be a witness for your wedding ceremony. You can ask siblings or family members to stand before you and your soon-to-be husband.

5. Avoid any jealousy
If you happen to be a social-type of person, you'll have lots of dear friends. Deciding who to be your bridesmaids might cause some problems and questions. Say, why chose college friend over childhood friend? By not picking any of them, there'll be no need for drama.

6. Non-bridesmaids trend
There's an upcoming trend of inviting your girlfriends to be non-bridesmaids. You still can give them tasks on what they should do without providing and asking them to wear specific dresses. As such, you'll still have your wedding celebration with your best girls around and no one will feel envious about being picked as bridesmaids.

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