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Intimate vs. Grand Wedding: The Tips on Choosing the Right Wedding Size


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How do you envision your wedding day? Whatever kind of bride you are, there's bound to be some sort of expectations and ideals you have set for your dream wedding, especially regarding its size. Of course no matter what kind of wedding you have in mind, small or big, intimate or large, you'll actually want to enjoy your wedding day as much as possible without any regrets at the end of the day. As one of the most important things you need to figure out before starting the wedding planning is the size of the wedding, it is essential to make this decision correctly. We understand how tricky it can be to choose between having a small guest list or a bigger one. Don't worry! Each wedding size has its own perks and after reading this article, we hope you will reach a firm decision.

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Having such an intimate affair means you can be comfortable around only the closest people you have invited. Some couples are private by nature; they feel the tension from becoming the center of an attention and thus, a wedding with only small crowds that sets a relaxed atmosphere might be perfect for them. On the other hand, couples with many many friends and colleagues or a big family might have trouble to hold an intimate wedding. You'd have to make sacrifices on the guest list and let's face it, it can sometimes be ugly. So, is an intimate wedding for you? Read through these pointers below before you decide.

Make a clear talk about parents' guest list.

With such a small number of guests, surely you would want it all to be your closest relatives and friends. But remember, your parents are just as excited as you are for the wedding and it is very likely that they want to celebrate it with everyone they know. The best you can do is to be frank about your desire for a small wedding. This way, your parents would understand your point of view and you can talk about having a compromise. However as this kind of talk can be quite sensitive, have an open mind and always try to view from their perspective also. The last thing you want is a family feud in such an important phase of the wedding.

Be open to having a second reception.

If for some reason or another there is no way to only invite a small number of guests, why not consider two separate weddings? If this is an option, you can make the smaller wedding a celebration for your friends and the second, most probably larger reception for the guests of your parents. This can be a way to resolve the issue about your parents' guest list as well!

Guest-choosing dilemma

As you have a relatively small number of guests, be careful when choosing who to and not-to invite. It is highly likely for uninvited guests to ask why they're not invited. Also, with a such small number, you have to be prepared for the worst. Say 30% of them didn't show up at the wedding, it would seem like the wedding is not that successful.

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This one is commonly done by couples, but also comes with its own perks and advantages. Before you decide to throw a wedding that's ultra grande, take a look at the points below to help you decide.

Bigger wedding, bigger budget.

Let's face it, with more guests comes a larger expense. Holding a smaller scale wedding is highly likely to be less expensive than ones in grand ballrooms of a hotel. Budget plays a part in this area as it will determine the size of the wedding and its scale of luxury. One thing for sure, whatever choice you make, be sure that everyone that takes part in the wedding is okay with it. Work with the budget to rule out and rule in things you want and need for the wedding, especially ones with a large guest list.

A large-scale wedding won't feel as personal

You don't automatically lose the intimate vibe of your wedding by having a grand number of guests. However, it might be trickier to have an intimate moment with thousands of guests all in one place. Think of an icebreaker, such as trivia questions that can get everyone involved or the wedding shoe game to entertain the guests so that you got a taste of both worlds!

No matter how hard you try to plan the perfect wedding, there isn't a wedding that will suit everyone's taste. Instead of focusing on a wedding that will please everyone, start planning a wedding that is suitable for you, your partner and your families altogether. Good luck!

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