How to Weather-Proof your Wedding Hairdos

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We always plan our wedding with a clear sky and of course, friendly climate, but who can accurately guess it? And what can be more pain-in-the-neck other than the unexpected storm or rain during your outdoor wedding? One thing for sure, the drier your hair, the less humidity can do to ruin it. You can use hair products available in the market to hold your hairdo well, however, you have to remember even a strong hold of hairspray can be ruined by heavy rain. So, why don't you choose a suitable hairstyle for your wedding reception? Scroll down to know what to consider for your hairdo.

Sunny Day

Get ready to have plenty of hairspray. A perfect sunny day might be a great choice for a great wedding photo result but this unfriendly weather might ruin your pretty volumized hair. The important thing is you have to use volumizing hair products before styling your hair and spray with lots of hairspray to keep it pretty.

Rainy Day

Don't forget to use hair products that can keep your curls or your straighten hair well. If you want less messy hair, you could opt for up-do hairstyles. This kind of hairdo will keep your hair intact and help you to look fresh even in your not so perfect situation.

Wind Breezy Day

This weather is often faced by those having a beach wedding party. The wind gestures may ruin your perfect hairstyle in a blink. For this, it is best for you to choose hairstyles that will still look great even though your hair has been swept by the wind. Like loose curly hair or braided up-do. Lastly, you can always add a touch of beautiful headpiece to help your hair steady.

Cold Snowy Day

Snowy day might be a great idea for a romantic scene but not for your crowning glory. There is no specific hairstyle that suits this weather perfectly. However, it is best for the bride to style her hair at the venue to avoid the messy created from falling snow. If it is not possible, you could always prepare bubble umbrella for your wedding ceremony for you and your beloved guests. This transparent and lucid umbrella will surely become a wonderful additional decoration to your winter wonderland wedding.

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