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How To Plan a Wedding When You’re in a Long-Distance Relationship

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Planning a wedding is difficult enough as it is, but add into the mixture hundreds of miles and you can expect some extra challenges along the way, as you have to make the zillions of big and little decisions. But this is where clear, constant and honest communication comes in and plays a huge part in making - or breaking - the long distance engagement period.

Here are some tips that might help you and your fiance get through the journey of wedding planning and how it can strengthen the relationship.

Limit the wedding planning conversations

Being far from each other can make it harder for you to have a quality-time. Staying connected can be harder when most, if not all, of your conversations revolve around choosing menus and devising seating plans. Pretty soon you may have gone through weeks of phone calls regarding the wedding without having mentioned anything about what is really going on your lives currently. Once you have decided on your venue, do not let the worry of how to manage long distance planning stop you from enjoying the process.

Delegate the tasks

This is where the teamwork comes in. Pick tasks that play to your different strengths and weaknesses. If he is more music-savvy then let him plan the wedding song playlist while you take care of the wedding registry. If things get too complicated for the both of you to handle, get some help or leave it to the professionals. Get a team on board for example, have a wedding coordinator, travel agent, designing team, or keep it in the family. Get a team together and have different people doing different things to help you.

Make time to meet up

Long distance couples do not have the luxury of sharing their daily lives together, which makes it that much more important to spend time together and talk about the day-to-day activities, no matter how boring they may seem compared to dresses and registries. Technology is great but when you both have spent a lot of energy talking about the wedding and focusing on the big day, you will need to refuel and reconnect by spending some time together in the flesh. So, make sure you take some time off the wedding planning schedule and refocus back on your relationship by going on real dates together.

Talk about marriage itself

The period of engagement is not just to plan the big day but it is also to continue growing in your relationship together. Let's not forget that you are only actually planning one day - although yes, it is your wedding day - but, it is also actually a fabulous time to celebrate your marriage and the future the two of you will build together. So, spend time talking about what the future holds and how much you both look forward to the start of your life together. Remember these few things and we hope your engagement process will go smoothly.

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