How to Handle Your Pre-wedding Anxieties

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Whatever is your wedding concept, whether it is intimate or grandeur, indoor or outdoor, it is undeniably tricky not to feel anxious about the event's success. Moreover, when you and your partner are taking parts of the preparations, you might feel agitated because of the tiredness. There will be some possibilities that you have arguments with your partner/family, or you feel uneasy because you overthink everything.

Generally, there are two most concerned things by the bride and groom-to-be: finance and vendor. It is always important to prepare a tight budget since the early days and to carefully select your vendors. Not only portfolio, but you cannot ignore the chemistry with your vendors in order to have good communication in the future. To add, make sure you and your fiancee have decided the financial resources before the wedding budgeting.

We have collected some valuable insights from those who have successfully passed through that anxiety phase. Check out these tips to minimalize and move those prewedding nervousness away.

1. Don't be too much of a perfectionist
Every bride and groom certainly want their special day to be perfect. However, don't let it consume your mind too much. Let the on-going process flows as it is. Remind yourself to have a realistic expectation, especially when it happens to be an expected problem. A disappointment is allowed, but then bring your focus back to find a solution to prevent it from going bigger.

2. Share with your partner
Don't hesitate to share your feelings and thoughts in both tired and happy with your loved one during the wedding preparation. In return, be a place of heart-to-heart talk for you fiancee. It is not a myth if it feels relieved when you share your loads. Remember, your wedding is a moment for both of you.

3. Look for a mediator
If your prewedding anxieties are caused by having a dispute with your partner, talk to other closest person, such as best friend or sibling. Not only becoming a place to share, but they can also help you looking for a solution, mediating the communication, and even bringing back your positive energy.

4. Meditation
Spend a time to move away from the prewedding hustle and bustle, and calm yourself by closing your eyes, controlling your breath, and freeing your mind. Whatever the meditation is, either praying or doing yoga, this is your moment to adjusting your emotion back to have a positive and clear mind again.

5. Taking annual leave
If all the wedding preparation stuff has taken your whole mind and time, consider taking annual leave for one or two days. You can re-arrange your wedding checklist again or meet with your vendors on the postponed works. After that, you will be able to return to your work routines with a calmer mind and no more anxieties until D Day.

6. Searching for some positive activities
When you have been freeing your prewedding weeks from schedules, fill them with various rewarding activities, such as prewedding beauty treatments, fitness classes, or bridal boot camp, to move the anxieties away. Alternatively, you can look for some freelance jobs that can add some pennies to your savings.

7. Taking a break from social media
Social media gives you thousands of wedding ideas and references. However, too many references can drown you into too many options and make it difficult to have a decision. Not only that, but those social media's "too perfect to be true" visuals are also unstoppable. Indirectly, you might become overthinking seeing those things which influence your attitudes during the wedding preparation.

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