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How to Choose the Right Hairstyle for Your Wedding Day


If you're getting married soon, we're pretty sure that you've booked a professional makeup artist, or at least thought of your makeup look for the wedding day. But what about your hair? Your hairstyle has a bigger role than you think in determining your bridal look. Different hairstyles can make your face look dramatically different. So, which hairstyle should you choose for your wedding day? Read on to find out.

Wedding hairstyles for every face shape

No two faces are alike, so a hairstyle that looks good on someone else might not be suitable for you. Keep this in mind before you decide on a hairstyle for your wedding day. First things first, you should understand your face shape and what kind of hairstyle would look great on it.

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Popular wedding hairstyles

Even after understanding which kinds of hairstyles will suit your face, the myriad choices out there can be overwhelming. To get an idea of the styles you can choose for the big day, check out our slideshow of some of the most popular bridal hairstyles

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Tips on wearing your hair down for the wedding

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Come rain or shine, some of us want to keep our hair down on the wedding day. Loose hair can easily turn into a messy and greasy mess, however, so there are several things that should be considered. Here are some tips on managing your luscious locks and pulling off the laid-back, down-do style.

1. Pull all your hair back

This is actually one of the best styles to choose from, as having less hair framing your face will reduce the problem of greasy hair. You can add simple braids or hair clips on the sides to keep stray hair in the right place.

2. Use dry shampoo

Dry shampoo is a wonderful invention. This product is a sure solution for a greasy scalp. If you don't have one in an emergency situation, you can use a plain corn starch solution. Just rub it to the roots of your hair and remember to brush off the powdery white residue, which can be unsightly for those with dark hair.

3. Add texture

The rule of thumb is to not fight your natural hair texture. If you have curly hair, it lightly with with a curling iron to make neat waves. If you want to stick to your naturally straight hair, spray on products that add texture and polish your hair with a straightening iron.

4. Voluminous hair

To ensure maximum volume, you can always use a volumizing mousse products before you your hair. Another way is by using a textured professional flat iron for your interior hair layers to keep your hair looking full. Just remember, you need to section your hair into at least three parts and start from the deepest layer of your hair.

5. Don't forget to use hairspray

Just like dry shampoo, hairspray is a must-have on your big day. Hairspray will help your hair stay in position against any wind or veil movements. Don't overuse it though, because your hair might end up looking unnaturally crisp and stiff.

6. Pick a style

Just because you chose a natural-looking do, it doesn't mean that you should look boring. Don't hesitate to play around with braids or twists if you want to keep the look simple and effortless. For more impact, accessorize your hair with embellished clips, delicate ribbons, a bohemian head-band, or organic flowers and leaves.

Wedding hairstyles for short-haired brides

For those of you who are more comfortable with short hair, don't worry, you can still look amazing the big day. As the photos below will show you, you can still be as gorgeous and beautiful as ever even with a very short pixie haircut or cute bob.

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(Credit: Sally Pinera, Grain & Compass)

1. Natural

You can still steal the limelight with your short hair. Try curling it to add volume to your hair, keeping it straight and sleek for posh look, or adding simple waves to give a more romantic appearance.

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(Credit: Jess Barfield, Rebecca Yale Photography)

2. Braids and updos

Although you have a short hair, it does not mean you can't rock an updo. Choose a small low bun or braided updo to emphasize a sweet and elegant style.

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(Credit: Josh Dookie)

3. Pixie

There's no need to use anything for this style. You just have to be confident and make sure that your hair is neat. You can also use hair wax when needed.

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(Credit: Chaz Cruz, Clayton Austin)

4. Hair accessories

You can add flowers, twigs, laces, or even a dainty hat to spice up your wedding day style. No matter what you've chosen, remember to always match it with your wedding theme and of course, your own personality.

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(Credit: James Hong, Grain & Compass)

5. Veil

There are so many ways to wear a wedding veil, even with short hair. Don't forget to check out our guide to the different wedding veil styles.

The best hairstyles for a beach wedding

When it comes to beach wedding, we all know what to expect: a simple and intimate wedding by the ocean, with the orange sky as the backdrop. If you're planning this kind of celebration, then we are going to inspire you with different hairstyles for your big day.

The first suggestion from us is to keep it real simple. Without excessive ornaments, a beach wedding is already unforgettable. Hence, the simpler the better. The second suggestion is to choose a hairstyle that can withstand a day in the sun, the breezy wind, not to mention that sweet, salty air.

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(Credit: Blue Rose Photography, Carolly Fine Art Photograpy)

1. Half-up, loose wave with flowers

Put your front hair up and let the other parts flow down with loose waves. Add some flowers, and you will certainly turn heads. It will look lovely with a strapless neckline or sleeveless gown.

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(Credit: Elizabeth Messina, Chris Isham)

2. Long, shiny waves

These beautiful and soft, shiny curls will give you that effortless look instantly. Just let your hair fall upon your shoulder with big curls to add an elegant statement.

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(Credit: Brklyn View, Daniel Kim Photography)

3. Low, loose chignon

A low, side-swept chignon is the best way to look chic and elegant for a beach wedding. This lovely hairstyle will suit whichever dress you want.

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(Credit: Ozzy Garcia, Jose Villa)

4. Braids

The twisted braid that is a little bit undone gives a very sexy, beach look. Put on some flowers and you'll get a hint of sweetness.

How to weather-proof your wedding hairdo

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We all want clear skies and friendly weather, but who can guarantee that we won't get a rainstorm and scorching sun instead? Here are some ideas to make sure that your crowning glory can defy the elements.

1. Sunny day

Get ready to have plenty of hairspray. A sunny day might give great wedding photo results, but it can also ruin your pretty volumized hair. The important thing is you have to use volumizing hair products before styling your hair and spray with lots of hairspray to keep it pretty.

2. Rainy day

Use hair products that can keep your curls or straightened hair well. If you want less messy hair, opt for an updo. This kind of hairdo will keep your hair intact and help you to look fresh even in a not-so-perfect situation.

3. Windy day

This weather is often faced by those getting married on a beach, where a gust of wind might ruin your perfect hairstyle in a blink. Choose a hairstyle that will look great even though your hair has been swept by the wind, like loose curly hair or a braided updo. You can always add a beautiful headpiece to keep your hair steady.

4. Snowy day

A snowy day might be the perfect setting for a romantic moment, but not for your hair. There is no specific hairstyle that suits this weather perfectly. However, the bride should her hair inside the venue to avoid the mess created from falling snow. If this isn't possible, you could always prepare a bubble umbrella for your wedding ceremony. This transparent umbrella will also become a wonderful additional decoration to your winter wonderland wedding.

Tips on getting fuller hair on your wedding day

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Genetics play an important role in having thick hair, but diet, pollution, and your overall hair care are also vital in maintaining healthy hair. While the key to have a fuller hair is undeniably by having more strands of hair, you check out some tips below on getting fuller hair.

1. Protein

For good hair nutrition, you should consume 46 grams of protein daily as this organic compound takes the highest composition of 97% in your hair. So, you need to pump up your protein needs by consuming poultry, beans, fish, and eggs. If you don't have enough protein, your hair will become brittle and weak.

2. Iron

The recommended daily dose for good hair nutrition is 18 mg of iron per day. Iron helps blood to carry oxygen to follicles. Good sources of iron include clams, sunflower seeds, and spinach.

3. Zinc

You should consume 8 mg of zinc daily in order to have a good hair growth, as zinc deficiency can result in hair loss. You can get zinc from vegetables, fruits, nuts, and plenty of clean-filtered water. However, if it is necessary, you can also get a zinc supplement.

4. Omega-3

Increasing your intake of omega-3 fatty acid will not directly stimulate hair growth. However, it improves your scalp health, which is related to fuller hair. You can obtain it from salmon, sardines, flaxseed, and cottage cheese.

5. Shampoo

Using the wrong products can cause serious hair damage. First, you have to choose a shampoo that suits your hair condition: oily, normal, or dry hair. Next, target your hair problems, for example, hair loss or dandruff. Avoid shampoos that contain harsh ingredients, such as sodium lauryl sulfate. Experts suggest to wash your hair not more than once a day and to use room temperature water, not too hot and not too cold.

6. Conditioner

Conditioning is an important step in having manageable hair. Leave the conditioner in your hair for around 2-3 minutes before rinsing it out, but remember that not all hair types are suitable for daily conditioning.

7. Hair styling

We are exposed to many different hair products weekly. When styling your hair, start off with the lowest heat setting and gradually increase the heat as required. This is applicable for blow-dry and styling iron usage.

Pre-wedding treatments for every type of hair

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There are no shortcuts to look flawless on your wedding day, and this also applies to your crowning glory. Different hair types need different kinds of treatments. So, it's best for you to know your hair type and understand the remedies needed for specific issues. Try doing these treatments once or twice a week, starting from 4 to 6 months before the big day.

1. Oily hair

Damp-looking hair is a big no for a bride. One way to remedy this problem is by checking your shampoo; avoid products with heavy conditioner, as the high moisturizer content will turn your hair greasy quickly.

Home remedy: Use a natural hair mask made from strawberries or lemon. The high vitamin C is essential for healthy-looking hair. If you prefer glossy hair, apply natural coconut oil to your hair strands but remember to keep it off your scalp.

Expert tips: If you don't have a lot of time at home, visit your trusted beauty salon to get a micro-peeling hair treatment that will reduce the oil intensity in your hair.

2. Dry hair

Our hair tends to be overly exposed to hairdryers, curling irons, and other electrical high-temperature styling tools. Regular coloring uses chemical products and hot tools which causes our hair to dry-out and frizz. For this kind of hair, you should pick a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner while limiting the use of hairdryers or curling irons.

Home remedy: Treat your hair with a natural hair mask. You can use a mixture of olive oil and honey; these two ingredients are well known for their moisturizing ability that will help to nourish your hair.

Expert tips: You could also ask for professionals to treat your dry and frizzy hair. For this type of hair, choose a protein hair spa as this treatment will help you recover hair shine.

3. Itchy scalp

This problem is often accompanied by hair loss which comes from dandruff buildup. It happens due to insufficient rinsing when washing your hair, resulting in left-over shampoo residue that causes your scalp to become dry and irritated, blocking the moisturizer it needs.

Home remedy: Use a blend of baking soda, banana, and lemon. These natural ingredients will surely sooth and freshen up your itchy scalp.

Expert tips: Look for trichocare hair-spa treatment. This technique is popular for its effectiveness in treating scalp issues.

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