How to Arrange Your Wedding Day Transportation

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When you hear the term "wedding transportation", the first thing that comes to mind might be a stretch limousine with flowers and a "Just Married" sign attached to it, but it's actually a lot more than that. Sure, decorating your wedding car is a lot of fun, but have you really thought about how you and your soon-to-be-spouse will reach your ceremony and reception venues on time? How about all the guests you've invited to your destination wedding at an exotic beach destination they've never been to?

If you're starting to think that you should plan your wedding day transportation more seriously now, you've come at the right time. We're going to help you figure out whose transportation needs to be arranged on your wedding day, which vehicle suits your needs, and how to arrange transportation on a budget.

Who needs a ride?

First things first, you need to decide on who you'll need to provide transportation for. Start with a simple head count of everyone who needs a ride, then decide on where they should be seated in what type of vehicle. Here are five categories for you to start with, just fill up each category with the names and number of passengers to make your planning easier.

1.The couple

Choosing the transportation method for yourself and your future spouse is the best part, as you can be as creative as you want. If you're longing for a fairy-tale wedding, a carriage is the perfect choice to channel your inner Cinderella. If you want a glamorous Gatsby-themed wedding, look for a classy vintage car to make your grand entrance.

2.Bride and groom's immediate family

Your immediate family members are such important parts of the whole occasion, surely you wouldn't want to risk them coming late to your wedding ceremony. Prepare at least one car for each family that fits your parents, siblings, and anyone you consider the closest in your family.

3.Bridesmaids and groomsmen

You don't have to provide a car for your bridal party, but it's a nice gesture that helps them celebrate your wedding without worrying about transportation. It's best to have your bridesmaids and groomsmen sit in one car if possible, so do consider a bigger vehicle that would fit them all.

4.Bride and groom's relatives

If you're planning to provide transportation for your relatives, make sure to count them carefully to avoid hiring the wrong amount of vehicles. In this case, you can relax a bit and try mixing relatives from different families. It's a good opportunity to get them to know each other.


Do you really have to provide transportation for all your guests? It depends. A rule of thumb is the farther away your venue is from your guests' homes or hotels, the bigger the need for you to give your guests a ride. Keep on reading if you're still unsure.

Should you provide transportation for your wedding guests?

You're not really obligated to arrange transportation for your guests, but as we mentioned above, it mostly depends on your wedding venue. To help you decide, we've compiled a few reasons why you might need to prepare transportation for your guests.

1.You're having a destination wedding

There's a chance that your guests might get lost, especially if they're unfamiliar with your wedding destination. It would be better to prepare transportation from their hotel to the venue and back, especially if they are over 1 km apart. You probably won't invite too many people, so you can hire a bus or shuttle without spending too much.

2.Most of your guests are from out of town

Perhaps many of your friends and family still live in your old neighborhood, while you and your beau have decided to get married in a different city you now call home. Though it's not mandatory, it would be helpful to arrange transportation from the hotel to the venue for those who came all the way from your hometown.

3.Parking is expensive and hard to find

Throwing a wedding party in a grand ballroom might be your dream, but not every venue has enough parking space for all the guests, especially in a big and crowded city. Instead of having your guests pay a huge sum for a parking lot many blocks away, why don't you arrange a shuttle for them?

4.The ceremony and reception are held at different places

If the distance between the two venues is far enough to require driving, you should consider preparing transportation for your guests. Don't forget to calculate the timing by determining whether you want to hold the ceremony and reception consecutively or with a few hours break in between.

5.Your wedding venue is secluded and hard to reach

Being wedata secluded beach or on top of a scenic mountain peak sounds tempting, but those amazing views often come with difficulties in reaching them. A rough topography will have to be complemented with suitable transport to accommodate all the guests easily.

Which vehicle should you rent?

Once you've done your head count, it's time to decide on the type and quantity of wedding vehicles you should rent to accommodate everyone. The exact number of passengers that can fit depends on each vehicle, but our handy list below can help you get a rough idea.

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Unique wedding transportation ideas

If all those popular options leave you uninspired, and you just want something that lets you have a much more memorable entrance, take a look at some unusual wedding transportation options below.

1.Ground vehicles

When you feel that cars are just too boring and predictable, why don'tyou try out some of these exciting alternatives. The options are endless and can be adjusted to any kind of venue or theme.


(Credit: via Nowcultured)


(Credit: Lacey Ludaesher)


(Credit: Melissa Wilson Photo)


(Credit: via Latifundist)

Dog sledding

(Credit: via Pinterest)


(Credit: Kate Webber Photography)

Golf cart

(Credit: via Weddingwire)


If you're getting hitched somewhere that has a helipad or allowsa helicopter to land on the area, why not useit to your advantage? It will surely wow your guests and give you something to remember for years.


(Credit: via British-bride)

3.Water way

Perfect if you're an active couple celebrating your wedding by a beautiful ocean or lake. Might as well paddle away while enjoying the scenic views around you.


(Credit: Jaclyn Schmitz)


(Credit: via Pinterest)

The dos and don'ts of wedding transportation

1. Do check out multiple rental companies

As with every element of your wedding preparation, you should spend some time to compare different rates from a few rental companies and try to get the best deal available.

2. Don't wait until the last minute

Avoid putting off your wedding transportation arrangement, as the vehicle you want may not be available at the last minute, especially during prom season. If you're tangled up in your own busy schedule, ask someone you trust to help you out.

3. Do maximize the capacity of each vehicle

You need to calculate the most effective and efficient ways in terms of cost and the number of rental vehicles you're planning to rent. If possible, try to make sure that no seat will be left unattended.

4. Don't leave your guests stranded

Arranging a wedding shuttle should be a top priority when you're hosting many out-of-town guests.If you're on a tight budget, chartering a bus that fits everyone might be a better option than renting multiple cars.

5. Do add at least 20 minutes of buffer time for every trip

Unexpected events can always happen, from bad traffic to a public holiday you were previously unaware of when planning your destination wedding, or simply one of your guests not being ready on time. Calculating extra time can spare you a lot of stress on your wedding day.

6. Don't forget to check the waiting time charges

Remember to compare whether it's more cost effective and convenient to pay for the waiting time or be picked up at a certain time. Most rental companies charge by hour, but you can always try asking for a special full-day rental rate.

7. Do ask permission to decorate

Not every rental company allows you to stick flowers, ribbons, and other decorations to the vehicle. Ask them about what you can and can't do so you won't be surprised with extra charges later.

8. Don't be afraid to be a little demanding

This is your once-in-a-lifetime moment, so go on and request that luxury car you've always wanted to ride, or at least ask for extras like champagne or a playlist to accompany you and your guests along the trip. Just make sure the additions are written in the contract.

Things to remember before signing acar rental contract

Whenever you rent a wedding car or taxi, you'll need to sign a car rental agreement to make sure your wedding goes smoothly. However, before dealing and signing any rental agreements, you should take these important points into account.

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Making sure your wedding day transportation runs smoothly

Now that you've settled on the passenger names and vehicles, it's time to prepare call sheets for your drivers. A call sheet contains everything the driver will need, including the passenger's name and contact information, pickup times, and addresses. Below, we've prepared a wedding transportation call sheet template that you can print and hand to your car rental company. Remember, don't ever put the bride or groom's name as the person-in-charge. Assign someone else to take care of it on the wedding day so you can avoid panic attacks if your driver start calling you to ask for directions.

To print this image, right-click to open it on a new tab or click here to download the image.

Wedding car decoration ideas

Traditionally, the best man and groomsmen are in charge of decorating the getaway car, sometimes with help of the bridesmaids. If you'd like to have decorations more imaginative than the usual tin cans and "Just Married" sign, gather all the necessary decor items and hand them to the boys during the rehearsal dinner. Here are some fun decorating ideas to inspire you.

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