Green Botanical Wedding Favor and Invitation Ideas

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A lushly decorated venue can feel incomplete without invitations and favors that share the same theme. As trivial as they may seem, wedding souvenirs and stationery can tie all your wedding elements into one cohesive celebration. After all, the invitation will introduce your wedding theme to the guests. Meanwhile, the wedding favor is something that your guests will take home to remember the wedding by.

  • Invitation Suite

    If you’re planning a green botanical wedding, don’t forget to add similar elements to your wedding stationery. There are more ways to have botany-inspired invitations than you think, using illustrations or even actual greenery. See some creative invitation ideas below.

  • Go all out

    Showcase your green botanical wedding theme on every element, from your decorations to your invitations. Utilize the color green as much as you can and don’t forget to add botanical elements such as leaves and plants.

  • Vine illustrations

    For a more subtle approach, add some simple vine illustrations instead of full-blown leaves on your invitation suite.

  • Vine illustrations

    Feel free to use different shades of green or other natural colors that still have a botanical theme.

  • Liners

    You can also place the botanical elements on the liners instead of the invitation cards. Another nice touch is a postal stamp imprinted with green leaves.

  • Leaves on the invite

    Last but not least, add real green leaves to your invitations. You can place a sprig of olive as a finishing touch or create a cover out of giant leaves. It does require more effort, but imagine your guests’ excitement as they open the card!

  • Wedding Favors

    Now, let’s talk about favors. Wedding souvenirs are keepsakes that the guests will remember your wedding day by. Be sure to prepare something with a green botanical theme so when your guests see it, they will be taken back to one of the happiest days of your life.

  • Real live plants

    Gift your guests with plants along with mini gardening kits. It’s an environmentally-friendly option that will fit the whole green botanical theme. For something a little more practical, a pack of flower or other plant seeds will also do fine.

  • Favor styling

    Pair your green botanical wedding decorations with a similarly earthy souvenir display. You can easily decorate your favors with sprigs of leaves. If you’re giving out plants, simply gather them together and form a little mini garden as pictured above.

  • Favor styling

    Even if you didn’t choose plants as your wedding souvenirs, a sprig of leaves can also help to add a botanical feel to them.

  • Souvenir card

    A recent wedding trend is providing cards that guests can trade with favors once they’re ready to go home. Choose a green botanical design for the souvenir cards to keep everything in line with your wedding theme.

Are you inspired by these green botanical wedding ideas? Tell us all about it in the comments section below and don't forget to share this article for others to see!


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