For better or for worse: Are you ready?

by Bridestory Oct 13, 2016 | 09:00 in Relationship Tips 


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When it comes to marriage, there isn't a single couple that goes into it thinking things will fall apart. We are more likely to be looking forward to great things such as building a household, having children and growing old with their partner. What we rarely ever consider or let alone want to think about are the things that could possibly go 'wrong' in the marriage. Although we may have vowed to stay committed until death do us part, in truth we often overlook the worst that can happen in marriage thinking that it will simply not happen to us. The problem is, if we only prepare and look forward to the good in marriage, we might be surprised and overwhelmed when the 'bad' comes and pays a visit. We may be ready for the best in marriage, but are we ready to face the worst?

For better, for worse: We don't enter marriage thinking that our partner might possibly do something to cause us pain and yet, it might happen. It's important to take into consideration that there will always be possibilities of our partner or us doing something that jeopardizes the marriage. Things such as infidelity, a change of heart or a feeling of boredom are not things we can be completely immune to. We will make mistakes and things out of our own expectations might happen. It is vital to think about whether or not we are prepared for things like that to happen in the future.

For richer, for poorer: We don't enter marriage thinking that either party might lose their jobs. We think that with the financial income we have now, our future with our partner will be bright and that we will be able to live a comfortable lifestyle. But again, we never know what can happen later on. Something that may seem very secure now may all of a sudden turn completely unstable, leaving us in poor financial conditions. Are you ready to overcome and endure the possibly of finance being a burden? Will you and your partner remain committed as you both pull through the struggle? These are things that need to be questioned and thought about very carefully.

In sickness and in health: We don't enter marriage thinking that our partner might someday become sick and unable to take care of himself or herself anymore. We think that we both will remain physically and mentally healthy and that sickness would be something that only comes with old age. But once again, we never know what sort of condition we might be in 5 years from now or even 2 years from now. Accidents could happen and sickness could come at times we least expect it. How will we cope then? It is one thing to stay committed to someone whose health remains the same but it is a completely different thing to stay with a partner who's unable to do things he or she was able to do before.

Before we step into marriage, it helps to take into consideration that the worst of the worst might possibly happen. If we prepare for the best as well as the worst we will be more likely to have a marriage that truly lasts until death do us part.

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