Find the Wedding Venue of Your Dream at The Dharmawangsa Jakarta

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Do you wish for an outdoor wedding, but your lover prefers ballroom? Not to mention that your parents hope for a seated dining party. It is not impossible to realize those expectations with The Dharmawangsa Jakarta. The hotel is capable of accommodating any wedding celebration concept with its venue options.

Nusantara Ballroom & Garden

For those who prefer an intimate wedding in a conventional style, Nusantara Ballroom is the perfect venue to choose. Inspired by the original meaning of "nusantara", which is a land between two continents, the ballroom's interior is mirroring the glorious Indonesian archipelago. An 18th-century batik pattern that depicts the country symbol of Garuda and gilded wooden walls create a significant atmosphere for this indoor venue. Moreover, a chandelier in Classical Rome's style highlights the combination of traditional spirit with a western touch. Even though it is dominated by the beauty of Indonesian panorama, the interior, in fact, suits well with a reception party in both international and contemporary concept.
Nusantara Ballroom is integrated with Nusantara Garden which will attract whoever wishing for a weather-proof nature-inspired venue. Fenced in with glass walls, Nusantara Garden is blessed with direct sunlight, making it perfect for a semi-formal celebration. The drapery application on the ceiling offers a luxurious atmosphere.
The venue is able to hold 500 guests for standing party and 200 guests for seated dinner. Furthermore, it guarantees hustle-free access for both the couple and the invitees because it is located nearby the main lobby.

The Pool Garden

A garden party is currently the most wanted wedding concept, especially for couples who fancy an intimate celebration. Able to accommodate 200 people, The Pool Garden at The Dharmawangsa Jakarta answers all the brides and grooms-to-be who plan for outdoor weddings. A carpet of fresh grass framed by a line of shady trees is ready to be decorated according to any themes, day or evening, with tables or standing, from formal to picnic style. Do not worry about the guests' comfort because The Dharmawangsa Jakarta is committed to guaranteeing it until every small detail. They can provide, for example, a couple of mules to be free worn by the invitees if they forget to leave their heels.

Lobby Lounge

If you prefer a more intimate and formal celebration at a closed venue other than a ballroom, The Dharmawangsa Jakarta has already prepared Lobby Lounge to accommodate a maximum of 200 invitees. With a modern twist, Lobby Lounge fits not only an intimate reception, but also for holy matrimony, bridal shower, or an engagement party. The area is placed beside Bimasena Lobby, which eases the access of the guests. Lobby Lounge can be combined with The Pool Garden that will free all worries about the weather.

Dharmawangsa House

Welcome your guests as if at your own place with an all-in-one Dharmawangsa House. Hosting more than 2,000 people is not a new job for this five-starred hotel. Dharmawangsa House will prepare Nusantara Ballroom, Nusantara Garden, Majapahit Lounge, The Courtyard, The Pool Garden, and Lobby Lounge only for the families, friends, and colleagues of the newlyweds.
A comfort-guaranteed joyful feast will be provided by The Dharmawangsa Jakarta because the traffic for entrance and exit will be through two different lobbies. After congratulating the happy couple at Nusantara Ballroom and Garden, guests are welcomed to enjoy various crafted meals at Majapahit Lounge, The Courtyard, and The Pool Garden. Lobby Lounge will be dedicated to those who are waiting for their transportations. They will be indulged with various snacks offered by the staff in this seated area to make the fatigue stays away.

Penthouse Lounge & Presidential Suite

If you and your soon-to-be spouse prioritize the privacy of your families and guests, this well-acclaimed property also offers a unique venue for a small-scale feast. Has a capacity of 50 persons on the upper floor, Penthouse Lounge and Presidential Suite are an option for an intimate celebration that can meet any couples' needs and expectations.
Prewedding celebrations are perfect to be held in these areas. To highlight, Presidential Suite is possible to be a siraman venue since it owns a private plunge pool. Facing the west, any celebration becomes special thanks to the fantastic sunset view. As for Penthouse Lounge, an open kitchen is one of its attention stealers, especially for the brides. A chef's cooking demo or a social cooking gathering as your bridal shower concept, why not?

Offering venue options with top-notch services and facilities, The Dharmawangsa Jakarta guarantees that every wedding will be specially tailored according to every couple's wishes. Whatever venue you choose at The Dharmawangsa Jakarta, feel the exclusive and exquisite atmosphere yourself through a "feels like home" arrangement with an addition of various artistic and distinctive interior elements.

For further information, please contact Event Team of The Dharmawangsa Jakarta on +62 21 725 8181 ext. 6325.


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