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They say trends come and go, and that rings true especially in the wedding world. This year, there's something for every kind of bride. Something old, something new, something blue, something borrowed. The simple and classic bride will certainly enjoy the effortless and organic trends coming in this year. Glamorous brides, on the other hand, will love the edgy and modern feel that some of these trends bring.

We'll take you today to go through every trend that we think will make your wedding more memorable in 2016. Without further ado, let's begin.

Wedding dress

Let's begin with one wedding element that every bride obsesses over, even long before the engagement. We think it's safe to say that wedding dress trends have closely followed the general fashion trends over the years. From all the trends we've identified, here are our top picks of the trends that are here to stay.


Even though the strapless has ruled wedding dress kingdom for quite some time, it's now time for sleeved wedding dresses to take the spotlight. These days, many varieties of sleeves have been incorporated into wedding dresses. Strapless was a popular choice as it was flattering to almost all body types, but sleeves are actually as flattering if you know how to wear them right. Off-shoulder and long sleeves are highly popular at the moment, so perhaps you should get your hands on some?

The two-piece

For edgy brides wishing to stand out in something different, the two-piece wedding outfit is one trend you need to watch out for. The two-piece usually consists of a crop top and a skirt to go with it. Aside from being undeniably fashionable, this model is popular for its high level of comfort.


Looking for an even more comfortable option? Wear pants. Wearing pants on your wedding day will increase your mobility and is perfect to complement a sporty bride. With the correct styling, however, you can also make it look feminine and pretty, even classy.

Back details

Wedding dresses need to be 360-degree amazing, thus entered wedding dresses with exquisite back details. Some go backless, some plunge low, while some others have sheer detailing on them. Whichever look you might like, bringing the sexy back will be worth your while.


Some say less is more and for this year, we couldn't agree more. With all the love we have for fancy and intricate dresses, today we're giving extra love to simple, understated dresses. Straight skirts with easy overlays and details will set your hearts aflutter.


Right up next are the accessories to prettify the beautiful dresses.

Mantilla veil

The mantilla veil originates from Spain and instead of being pinned on the chignon, it is actually pinned on the top of the head. The mantilla gained attention thanks to its delicate finishing on the edges, which often incorporates intricate lace detailing. If you're a romantic bride with a dreamy wedding, this veil might be suitable to complete your bridal ensemble.


Another alternative option for your wedding accessory is to rock a headpiece. With more and more brides opting to wear headpieces on their wedding day, today's headpiece collection has become even more diverse. Delicate, sophisticated, or vintage, you will certainly find one that suits you. Perhaps one of our lucky vendors might be your choice?

Bridal Hairstyles

To look completely irresistible on your wedding day, your bridal hairdo shouldn't be omitted from the equation. Check out these charming hairstyle inspirations which are not only beautiful, but also predicted to be trending in the coming year.

Effortless curls

Perfect for a more casual affair, effortless curls come in as a stunner. If you have straight locks, curls will create a more lavish and glamorous look. The loose finishing also helps to make it look toned-down and naturally beautiful.

Messy bun

Don't like having your hair loose? Tie them up in a bun. It's a classic look that never fails and the bun will elevate your look in an instant. What's great about it is that it's so versatile. You can wear it on a casual affair or a more formal one as well.


Braids are beautiful. It allows your hair to be tied together in a tidy setting while still giving room for creative variations. What's even greater about braids is that it gives your hair a form, and makes your hair really easy on the eyes too.

Wedding shoes

From your head, down to your heels. These shoes will be your new liking when you see how adorable they will look on you.

Ballet flats

If you happen to plan on an outdoor wedding, you might as well consider wearing flats for the big day. They're stylish, also very comfortable as well as hassle-free. Worrying over not finding the right pair that looks great enough for bridal? Find ones jazzed up with bling or beautiful patterns.

Semi-ankle boots

The semi-ankle boots are super stylish and very comfortable as well. We can totally see this one either worn in a casual wedding by a sporty bride donning a pantsuit or in an autumn wedding with a faux fur coat. Chic!

Strappy sandals

A classic that never goes old is the strappy stilettos. This model is very suitable for elegant and romantic brides who are planning on a wedding with a sense of class and elegance.

Colorful shoes

Who says you have to go white for your wedding shoes? As you can go colorful with your wedding dresses, you can do the same with your shoes. Soft or bold, pumps or wedges, open or close-toed, take your pick.

Comfortable shoes

No matter what trend is going on in the shoe world, one thing that will always be trending is to have comfortable shoes. Paul Andrew is known for sexy and stylish stilettos that are also very, very comfortable, that his friends started asking him to design their bridal shoes. Thanks to all those requests, he finally broke into the bridal industry. These three dolls are some pieces from his latest collection. Which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

Theme and Decoration

Moving on to wedding decorations and themes. Aside from a color palette guide from Pantone, a lot of modern brides stick to themes they find beautiful and choose to rely on their own judgment. Looking at recent weddings, we've come to see similarities that might possibly be trends for the upcoming year.

Less flowers, more greens

Wedding decorations have long been dominated by flowers. Nowadays, a lot of brides dare to actually use fewer flowers and incorporate more greens into their wedding day decoration. As a result, an earthy and natural feel to the wedding day that you will surely love.

Muted palettes with rich-colored accents

Perhaps due to its classic feel, more and more brides have picked more muted color palettes that usually consist of colors like white, blush, champagne or ivory. In addition to that, though, they added rich colors to create an accent, a pop to the whole wedding. Colors like navy, marsala, red, and other hues of their kind will arguably be seen gracing palettes of weddings in the coming year.

Geometric patterns and elements

There's something about geometric elements that's so intriguing and eye-catching. No wonder that it's come as a trend in the wedding world. If you're thinking of a more modern celebration with a clean and sleek feel, these elements will help you a great deal.


Now for the faithful companion you will hold onto while walking down the aisle, your wedding flowers.

Loosely organized flowers

We're used to seeing wedding bouquets in rounded shapes, sometimes so often that they have become a common sight. This year, loosely-organized flowers are winning hearts. They're loosely organized, making it hard to find two that actually look alike, not to mention the combination of flowers in such a bouquet makes every piece a colorful and tasteful masterpiece.

Silk ribbons

Ribbons are a commonly used to tie bouquets together, right? But these are not regular ribbons, they're silk ribbons. Silk ribbons used to tie your bouquet together add a more elegant and feminine feel to the whole look. The ribbon overlay cascading down the bouquet also adds an extended beauty.

Exotic flowers

Succulents, protea, orchids, and other exotic flowers are forecasted to still be trending over the next year. In the previous year, some brides have been reluctant to use these flowers for versatility concerns. Many beautiful weddings have proven that adding exotic blooms to your bouquet can actually make it one of a kind and memorable.

Invitations and Stationery

Up next are the pretty papers that act as the first touch point of your wedding to your guests. Even though some couples have shifted to digital wedding invitations and wedding websites, the presence of printed wedding invitation is apparently, still irreplaceable.


Adding cursive fonts and calligraphy on wedding invitations will lift their elegance to a whole other level. Plus, they add that handmade artistic quality that makes the invitation something that your guests will be delighted to accept.

Patterns over plains

Rather than plain invites, patterned invites are now taking over. Some brides avoid patterns, fearing that their invites will look tacky. On the contrary, when done right, you can get the classy look you're going to love. Don't splatter them all over the pages, just use patterns in a few places to maintain an elegant feel.

Wax seal stamps

Wax seal stamps can really make your wedding invitation look like one made for royals, as it brings a certain old-world glamour every bride loves. Wouldn't your guests love this thoughtful gesture? We know we would.

Acrylic invites

For a more modern take, acrylic invites are the best new thing in 2016. The clear surface with printed words brings forth a clean design that definitely will strike your guest as something memorable and unique. Just be sure to carefully finalize the invitation design beforehand so you will avoid risk of any mistakes, as acrylic is more costly than paper.

Wedding Cake

Now for some sweet delights everyone awaits, let's look at the wedding cake trends ruling over 2016.

Short-tiered cakes

Without any less love for tall wedding cakes with multiple tiers, we truly think this year belongs to the short-tiered cakes, and by short we mean one to three tiers only. Short cakes are delicate and dainty. On top of that, having short tier cakes means you can have a wedding cake with real edible cake instead of decorations. Delicate, dainty, and delicious too.

Minimalist cake designs

Again, goes the saying less is more. Minimalist cake designs have come to emerge and steal attention of brides all around. Almost gone are the days of fancy butter cream play, and entered the era of sleek designs that create a statement.

Colorful cakes

White cakes will always be classic, but we're giving a shout out today to the colorful cakes ready to take the stage in this New Year. Just look at those bright colors gracing the tiers; don't you agree that these pretty colors are here to stay?

Hanging cake

Looking for a more glamorous alternative for your wedding cake display? How about having a hanging cake? Definitely a stunner and you will not regret having it on your wedding. Can you imagine your guests all wanting to take photos with your cake?

Photography & Videography

Last but not least is the trend in capturing the beautiful moments, or also known as photography.

Film photography

Analog is back. Film photography is now really highly sought after in the wedding market. The beauty of it is that it has really bright and natural colors on the photo results that truly scream art. A lot of film photographers are also emerging in the market, so you can easily take your pick, and perhaps one from our vendors list will suit your preference.

Muted tones

Aside from film photography, the digital photography also has a new turn of tones. The muted tones are now really popular as they also imbue an artsy feel to the whole pictures.


Lastly is the drone technology. This tech is mainly used in wedding videography, to take aerial shots of the wedding venue or guests. Applying it on wedding photography has some benefits too; how else can you get a beautiful photo of your guests in this fashion?

There you have it, the trend predictions for the coming year. Which one is your favorite? Tell us in the comments below!


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