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We're very excited to share our Indonesian Wedding Trend Report! We're proud to say that this is the first ever comprehensive publication on the latest wedding trends in Indonesia, with 4,000 couples participating in the survey. If you're currently planning your wedding in Indonesia, we hope that this report will be a helpful guide in making any wedding-related decisions.

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Our survey shows that 60.6% of couples started planning their wedding between the age of 25 and 34, with 35.1% starting even earlier. As more time usually equals better planning, most couples dedicated 10 to 12 months (27.8%) to plan their wedding. But there's no need to worry if you don't have as much time, as 25.5% of couples managed to plan their wedding in only 3 to 6 months!

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An interesting trend is how most of today's couples were primary decision-makers (70.6%) in their wedding planning, perhaps because 52.6% of them covered their own wedding expenses. Arguably, this might be why intimate weddings with fewer guests, which don't cost as much as bigger ones, have become more popular in Indonesia lately.

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When looking for wedding vendors, 23.4% of Indonesian couples still relied on referrals from family and friends, while also trying more tech-savvy ways such as using Bridestory (17.4%) and social media (15.5%). Price still seems to be the most important factor for couples, followed by the vendor's personality (21.1%) and portfolio (19.5%).

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Pre-wedding photo shoots are a must for most couples these days, as 84.2% of couples chose to have one and 51.6% of them spent around 7 to 10 million rupiahs for an engagement session. Outdoor shots taken around town (43.3%) are the most popular, with 35.2% of couples preferring to wear casual outfits, and 32.4% of couples opting for formal tuxedos and dresses.

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As for wedding favors, pretty trinkets such as stationery (34.3%) and dining utensils (31.1%) are still popular choices. Are you worried that you might not be able to stick to your wedding budget? Don't you worry, 55.6% of Indonesian couples managed to stay in budget, so that means you can do it too!

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Most couples (38.3%) hired wedding organizers to help their wedding day run smoothly. Indonesian weddings are held in a variety of venues, with 34.5% of them decorated in a modern and 19.9% having a garden theme, which many vendors have predicted to be trending this year. Standing parties (74.6%) are still the most common reception in Indonesia, but seated dinner parties (25.4%) are slowly gaining popularity.

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Moving on to the bridal attire. Most brides bought wedding shoes off the rack (56.1%), while the opposite was true for the wedding dress or kebaya. Around 52.6% of brides rented their wedding attire, but 41.2% opted for a custom-made designer outfit. The princess-y ball gown (42.1%) is the most loved dress style, followed by A-line (22.2%) and mermaid gowns (14.5%).

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Classic white is still the preferred color for the bride's kebaya, with red, black, pink, and gold lining up behind. Tuxedos are also still on the safe side, with 43.6% of grooms opting for black. For the mothers, red and navy blue are some of the most popular colors, while bridesmaids mostly wear pastels and bright colors like pink and turquoise. To make sure that they look pretty on the big day, most brides (37.6%) are willing to spend between 5 to 10 million rupiahs for their hair and makeup.

So there you have it, the wedding trends to expect in Indonesia this year. Are you married or planning your wedding anytime soon? Tell us your thoughts in the comments section below!

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