Brides, Here are 10 Popular Wedding Superstitions in the Philippines

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Most people these days complain about their parents' strict adherence to traditional values, but if you're told that it may bring you good luck, wouldn't you consider it? In the Philippines there are a set of beliefs specifically tailored to bring goodness and avoid bad luck to newlyweds. Here are the 10 superstitions essential for you to know!

  • Rain on my parade

    Rain can be a pain if you’re having an outdoor wedding, but not in the Philippines! Rain is believed to symbolized prosperity and good luck, meaning that a rain on your wedding day is good luck for your marriage. What do you think? Shall we make it rain?

  • Sharp objects

    Household items are treasures for newlyweds who are moving into a new house. However, not all of them are. In Philippines, knifes and other sharp objects are believed to be items of bad luck. Interestingly, chamber pots (arinola) are believed to be the best wedding gifts to wish the couple luck. Keep this in mind as you shop for Filipino couples, you don’t want to be the bearer of bad luck!

  • Double wedding

    Sharing wedding joys with a sibling might does sound nice, but traditional Filipino beliefs have taught that siblings should not get married in the same year. According to the belief, this double wedding will part the good luck in half. So be careful and don’t forget to discuss your wedding date with your family members!

  • Tears of oysters

    Pearls are an elegant addition to your bridal look, it’s the perfect touch for brides who want to add a touch of gracefulness, except that it symbolizes tears. The tradition believes that brides who wear pearls on their wedding day will live miserably. This belief is likely to originate from the myth that pearls are tears of oysters.

  • Dress-fitting

    Now this one is difficult to do! However, it is a traditional belief that brides who try on their final wedding dress before the wedding are doomed to a bad luck or that the wedding might not even push through. In addition, you also should not take pictures of the brides having a fitting for her dress!

  • Candle in the wind

    In Filipino tradition, sponsors of the wedding (usually aunts and uncles of the couple) will light two candles, one on each couple’s side. It is said that the person on the side which has their candle burn out first, will the one to die before the other.

  • Accident prone

    Couples should avoid travelling and long drives prior to the wedding day for safety. This is because according to the Filipino traditional belief, soon-to-be-wed couples are prone to accident. So better save the travels for the honeymoon!

  • Clinking glasses

    During toasts, it is suggested that people let their glasses clink to each other as the Filipinos believe that this will scare evil spirits away from the happy lovebirds. According to the belief, evil spirits are jealous of the joyous celebrations that we must scare them away with loud noises.

  • First bites

    If a Filipina bride wants to avoid trouble conceiving, she better not missed the first bite of the cake! The cake is a symbol of fertility and when it’s cut, the groom must not eat it before the bride does.

  • Rice toss

    Nowadays, people normally opt for confetti or flower petals for the sake of simplicity, but the Filipinos actually encourage you to throw rice at the newlyweds because rice represents prosperity. This way, you will also be praying for a lifetime of prosperity for the couple!

We'll never know if the beliefs are true, but now that you know them, you might want to keep them in mind. Good luck!

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