Best Prewedding Spots in Singapore as Recommended by Local Photographers

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When one thinks of Singapore, most likely urban parks and metropolitan cityscapes are the first images that come to mind. But, did you know that this small island country in Southeast Asia has many hidden gems that offer beautiful backdrops for your prewedding photoshoot? Not to mention, Singapore's compact size that comes with reliable public transportation will benefit engaged couples who are planning to visit one place to another. Check out this list of interesting destination as recommended by renowned Singaporean photographers.

  • Upper Peirce Reservoir

    Upper Peirce Reservoir would be the perfect option for couples who seek for tranquil and scenic settings. In this area, you can have both riverside view and lush greenery landscape as your backdrop. For a more serene atmosphere, try to reach there early to catch the morning light. “It would be perfect if you could arrive by 7:15 AM!” said Andri from Andri Tei Photography.

  • Upper Peirce Reservoir

    There are so much to explore in Upper Peirce Reservoir! Take your hint at this artistic shot that will provide a fun memory with the photographer as well.

  • Coney Island

    At first impression, Coney Island will give you that romantic feeling with its display of nature. Be ready to immerse yourself in this untouched forest. Wait until the sunset for a truly breathtaking picture against the golden sky like this picture above. Alternatively, you can also head over to the beach nearby that would complete your Coney Island adventure.

  • Bougainvillea Garden East Coast Park

    It’s easy to see why this manicured garden becomes so popular among the locals. It’s recommended to visit the site around April to May. Rest assured, those pops of colors in the midst bougainvillea blooms are unbeatable!

  • Gardens by the Bay

    As one of the most touristy attractions in Singapore, you might need to ensure your prewedding shoot is taken before 9 AM before the crowd arrives! This way, you’d have enough time to explore various camera angles as well just like pictured by Multifolds Productions.

  • Gardens by the Bay

    Wearing casual clothing will be better. Especially if you only have a limited time to get photographed because it will make you move around more easily.

  • Abandoned UFO

    “There’s no official name for this location, so I made it up myself,” said Hong Ray. Located on Portsdown Road, couples who love rustic look would love to be have their raw moments captured in this abandoned yet picturesque place. But, please beware as the place is full of mosquitos that aren’t afraid of insect repellents. Make sure you wear long sleeve clothes or at least apply very thick amount of repellents as the grass patch leading to the spot is also full of ant nests. “I won’t ever recommend wearing long gowns since it will trap insects along the way,” he added. Also, the place is surrounded by big trees, so try to reach there during the noon.

  • Tuas Container Yard

    “I particularly am quite fond of this sight as it provides that lively yet industrial vibe like no other!” enthused Andri Tei Photography. Engaged couples who want to imbue a playful touch should consider having their prewedding captured at this container terminal.

  • Tuas Container Yard

    See the vibrant colors above? Let’s agree how it instantly brings a variety of look on your prewedding album, shall we?

  • SkyVille @ Dawson

    The photographer of Hong Ray Photography revealed how he found this spot while researching for new spots on Instagram and he saw influencers doing OOTD shoots here. In addition to its free admission, couples don’t have to require any permit entering this area. Moreover, there’s an unblocked rooftop view at the Sky Garden. Good for both formal and casual attire since the location is clean and easy to access.

  • Marina East Park

    Finally, there’s no better way to represent Singapore besides taking your picture against the high-rise buildings. Be creative! You might want to bring additional properties that will gratify the metropolitan city.

  • Marina East Park

    Other than high-rise buildings, you can also explore other points of view to produce photos like this. Also, keep in mind that the nearest parking lot is around 10-15 minutes. If you decide to park the vehicle along the roadside, beware you might be subjected to fines.

Which ones of these prewedding shoot locations are your favorites? Let us know your thoughts in the comment box below!

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