Be a Fit Bride with This Pre-Wedding Workout Guide

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Being a fit bride doesn't only mean losing weight or fitting into a two-size-smaller wedding dress, it's about being fully comfortable with yourself on one of the happiest days of your life. Getting in shape will make you feel healthy and confident, leaving no room for unnecessary worries about how you look on the big day.

Many brides-to-be have certain pre-wedding fitness goals, yet only pursue them seriously within weeks before the wedding. As with any other preparation, it's always better to start as early as you can. We suggest adopting a new fitness routine at least three months before your wedding day. But no matter how much time you have, the key is to do your pre-wedding workout regularly. So, let's get started!

Four simple steps to be a fit bride

1. Cardiovascular exercises

The closer you are to your wedding day, the more types of exercises you will need. The right cardiovascular exercises will literally burn more amounts of energy by using less intense movements. There are many alternatives available on fitness websites or even social media, so take time to find a routine that suits you best.

2. Step out in the morning

Set your alarm early and get your running shoes ready. For starters, aim to walk, jog, or run for certain distance. This number should be at least doubled towards the end of your workout period. For maximum results, aim for 30 minutes workout intervals at least four times a week. Experts suggest breaking your exercise time into shorter segments, especially if you aren't used to doing intensive workouts.

3. Toning exercises

Combine your cardiovascular exercise with toning workouts. This kind of workout is also called strength training. The right training methods will enhance your bone and ligament health, preventing sports injuries caused by fractures. The good news is, you're building muscle, which leads to the burning of more calories even when you are at rest.

4. Get yourself a gym mat

To get your body toned, you can try different mat exercises such as Pilates or yoga calisthenics classes that can be easily found online. Different types of exercises will cater to different needs, so you should get to know your natural figure well and find out which toning training fits your body best. Depending on which kind of training you will do, aim for at least the same frequency of your cardiovascular exercises, 30 minutes for at least four times a week. Exercising four days a week is good enough, but if you decide to increase the frequency, mind your limits and remember to not over-exercise your body.

Get toned with these bridal exercises

These simple exercises will help you get that perfect bikini body, with firm, flat, and contoured abs. If you will be heading to a tropical paradise for your honeymoon or simply want to look awesome in your wedding dress, try out this routine. These are a few simple exercises that you can do at home for half an hour regularly.

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1. Body saws

Align yourself into a forearm position, with your feet close together. Using your upper body and your toes, glide yourself forward several inches. Then, move back with the same amount. Keep those hips on the same level the whole time.

2. Bridges with alternating leg extension

Lie on your back with your knees bent and your heels close to your gluts. Then, press your hips high and hold them there. Raise a leg straight out so your knees are aligned. Lower the first leg while keeping those hips up, then raise the other leg.

3. Stork hinges with a single-arm reach

Stand with your feet in a slightly staggered stance, shifting your weight into the foot that's in front. Raise the opposite arm into the air and place the other hand on your hip. Slowly hinge forward, raising the back leg and lowering the torso, keeping the arm and leg straight in the same plane. With control, slowly tilt your body back to the start position, tapping the back toes down only if you must.

4. Plank with side toe tap-outs

Prepare at least one plank. This variation brings you to your forearms but adds the stabilization challenge of keeping your hips level and low while you take turns tapping one foot out to the side then back to center. Tap to each side and back to the center.

5. Half-kneeling diagonal chops

Kneeling on your right knee, hold up a dumbbell (2 to 5 kg) with both hands to the outside of your right hip. In one fluid motion, raise the dumbbell across your body and up to the ceiling, but don't rotate your torso. Resist gravity as you lower the weight in the same trajectory back to the start position. Do six reps on one side, and then switch to do six reps on the other side.

6. Straight-arm twist resistors

Lie on your back with your knees bent. Hold that dumbbell in both hands, straight up above your chest. Keep your arms as straight as possible, then lower them out to one side. Go only as low as you can control without having your torso contorting. Keep your back flat as you bring the weight back to the center, then over to the opposite side.

Perform 12 reps of each move, moving from one to the next with as little rest as you can handle, and do three sets in total each day in order to achieve the best results.

Aside from abs workouts, we also have leg, arms, and the almighty plank exercises to help you get in shape just in time.

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Workout ideas for every wedding dress

Not every wedding dress is the same, as each one will give a different impression or highlight a different part of your body. Whether you want to flaunt your svelte legs or show off your toned back, we've got the right workout for you below.

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  • A-line and sleeveless

    Focus: Tight arms and core. Workout: A great posture is a must for this kind of dress. Therefore, Pilates and yoga will be your best friends in obtaining that perfect silhouette. If you don’t like those two stretching exercises, swimming will do the trick too.

  • Ballgown

    Focus: Abdominals and waistline. Workout: This classic style emphasizes a small waist, so you should choose workouts that help you flatter your body with an hourglass figure. Get the curves right by routinely doing the abs workout and planks in various ways as we've shown you above. You can modify your workout by adding stability-ball crunches or twists.

  • Sheath

    Focus: Upper and lower body. Workout: The most intensive exercises are needed in order for you to rock a form-fitting sheath dress. Get a complete cardio exercise that involves squats, jumping jacks, full body planks, sit-ups, pushups, and many other workouts.

  • Strapless

    Focus: Upper body. Workout: Do the exercises that mainly focus on building a lean figure. Play around with wrights and combine your workout routine with full plank exercises.

  • Short

    Focus: Hips, thighs, and derrière. Workout: Wow your guests by flaunting a pair of sexy legs on your wedding day. Follow the workout that we've prepared for legs and glutes above.

  • Sheath

    Focus: Upper and lower body. Workout: The most intensive exercises are needed in order for you to rock a form-fitting sheath dress. Get a complete cardio exercise that involves squats, jumping jacks, full body planks, sit-ups, push-ups, and many other workouts.

What to eat before and after working out

Exercising the right way is not only about choosing the right workout routine, it also involves adopting the right eating habits. Your workout will easily go to waste if you decide to eat a lot more unhealthy food, just because you think you've been exercising a lot. So, make sure you choose the right meals to consume right after or before your workout.

Pre-workout meal

Food that contains complex carbohydrate and protein, like brown rice, steam potato, oatmeal, multi-grain crackers with almond butter, apple, or walnuts will be the best choice. Make sure you leave a gap in between meals and workouts. One hour before a workout would be the best time to have some light snacks, but if you decide to consume heavier meal, wait for at least two hours before doing your next workout.

Post-workout meal

Research has shown that the sooner you start refueling your body, the better you will be. If you eat two hours after an intensive workout, your body's ability to refill muscle stores decreases by 50 percent. Always bring a tasty snack like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich or a recovery drink that will help you maintain your metabolism.

For this meal, the best bite will be food that contains high protein yet low carbohydrate, such as nuts, steamed chicken breast salad, sautéed vegetables, multi-grain bread, burrito beans, or even an acai bowl.

Pump up your gym session with this playlist

Looking your best on the wedding day is a motivation big enough to push you through a determined workout session. And if you prefer to work out in a gym, we have some upbeat tunes from Britney, Taylor, Pitbull, and Beyonce to fire you up and give you plenty of fun as well. Turn up the volume and burn those fats away!


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