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Ask an Expert: Marlene Hariman


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Photography: Marlene Hariman

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Marlene Hariman started to focus on being a makeup artist back in 2007. Now, after almost 8 years in the beauty industry, her client list has grown from college girls to top models and celebrities. Having plenty of clients with traditional wedding, Marlene has learned how to combine various cultural touches with her signature flawless and natural makeup style. To nail the elaborate and specific style of a traditional wedding is quite tricky, so today Marlene is here to answer questions from brides-to-be regarding how to look picture perfect on their cultural wedding affair.

Q: In a traditional wedding, the intricate headpieces and outfits can be overwhelming, how can a bride look pretty and not costume-y? ─Tasya Imelati, Setiabudi

A: Due to the complex and ornamented look of a traditional bride, I tend to put on a softer makeup that accentuates the most flattering feature on her face. Pick not more than two features to highlight so the makeup would not look too much.

Q: Does a traditional bridal makeup have to be heavy? ─ Monika Saraswati, Pondok Indah

A: A heavier makeup is needed to make the bride look different than she usually does. To balance out the makeup with the hairstyles and headpieces, I always go for a naturally enhanced look. For example, having false eyelashes is mandatory, but I usually pick the individual ones to create a natural yet striking result.

Q: A traditional wedding can last for hours – even days ─ how to keep the makeup intact during the time periods? ─ Ayudia Prambudhi, Menteng

A: We would need long-lasting products, like the ones with oil-free and waterproof formula. Also layers of foundation as a base to hold the whole makeup together.

Q: Does the groom need a touch of makeup as well? ─ Moira Sinaga, Cinere

A: Yes, the groom's face needs to be lightly powdered to balance the bride's all-dolled up look. But remember, just a little touch of face powder with the similar shade of his skin tone. Don't change his natural complexion.

Q: What tips do you have on changing a makeup look from a day to night event without having to spend hours to do it? ─ Cut Soraya, Pasar Minggu

A: It is quite easy, actually. Thicken the eyeliner a little, darken the eye shadow color and change the pale pink lipstick into a deeper or brighter red shade and you will transform in an instant.

Q: How can you give a modern touch on traditional bridal makeup? ─Hanna Kamilia, Sunter

A: I usually put on a clean and simple liner for the eyes and a bit of contouring technique to enhance the bride's bone structure, completed with just a right amount of blusher. I also love putting on matte lipsticks and natural length false eyelashes on my clients.

Q: Do you have any tips for a bride to always look good in the photos? ─Rika Pelawi, Pejaten

A: Invest on a healthy skin. Keep it hydrated to bring out the natural glow. You should also blend the contouring shades perfectly and be careful on the foundation usage to prevent a crack lines when you smile for the camera.

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