An Otherworldly Pre-Wedding Photo Shoot in Kintamani, Bali

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For travel junkies, today's bride-to-be might seem familiar. Evangeline, or Evanns, is a Singaporean travel blogger with a website of her own. Along with her fiancé, Jeremy, she went to have a pre-wedding photo shoot in Bali's Kintamani area, home to a variety of picturesque natural backdrops. The couple and their photographer from Fire, Wood, & Earth went to three different places to get their engagement shoot done.

"The combination of grass fields, forests, and black volcanic rocks was perfect and really suited the gowns that Evanns wore that day," said the photographer. A particularly interesting moment happened when they were in the forest, the second photo shoot location. "The weather that day was cloudy and naturally chilly as it was in the mountain area. Suddenly, the temperature dropped to 16 degrees Celsius and the whole area was covered by heavy fog," the photographer added. The unexpected weather somehow made the photos look very dreamlike, as if they were taken far away from Bali.

For the first two locations, Evanns wore an elegant strapless wedding gown while Jeremy had on a navy blue suit. At the last spot, the black volcanic area, the couple changed their outfits. Evanns wore a gorgeous red dress while Jeremy, still in his navy blue suit, complemented her well with a red bow tie. Amid the monochromatic background, they managed to stand out beautifully. "They are a naturally romantic couple, so it was very easy to draw out their emotions. Jeremy is such a gentleman, he took care of Evanns throughout the whole engagement session," shared the photographer. The shoot was wrapped up by the drizzling rain. "As we finished the shoot, Jeremy suddenly gave Evanns a piggyback ride. It is, by far, my most favorite shot," said the photographer.


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