An Intimate, Modern Rustic Themed Wedding in Lembang

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When Yoga first met Widya in his foster father's acting studio back in 2014, he instantly had a crush on her. He sees her as an elegant, calm and soothing woman, yet her relationship status blocked his intentions. "She had a boyfriend back then, so I didn't expect much. Being friends with her is more than enough," Yoga confessed. And that was what they were, mere friends.

However, fate seems to say otherwise. Yoga and Widya kept being brought back together. Even when they drifted apart after they completed their acting study, they reconnected and made video contents together on YouTube and Instagram. After another year of keeping his feelings to himself, Widya finally ended her relationship. "That was when I swooped in!" said Yoga in excitement. He braved himself to approach Widya's parents to ask for their blessing, and finally, Yoga and Widya is officially a couple. The couple's relationship had its challenges, too. They were separated for a while and then reconciled, stronger than ever. This power couple continued to support each other to make their dream wedding come true in 2018.

"We had a wedding preparation checklist, and together we made everything happen," explained Yoga. They had a few vendors already in mind, such as SVARNA by IKAT Indonesia for the wedding attire and Petty Kaligis for the Makeup Artist. For the concept of the wedding, Yoga and Widya have always wanted a rustic theme with an all-white ambiance. With the help of Elior Design, they came up with the final concept of rustic with a little bit of classic and modern vibe.

The dining tables were dressed in white flowers with a touch of green leaves, while the stage was garnished with simple wooden chairs decorated with white tulle for the groom and the bride. During the reception, the couple decided to wear grey that was inspired by rock and coral tones since they set the celebration in the nature.

A full set of Sundanese tradition ceremonies, such as panggih, ngababakeun, sawer and huap lingkup were also included to honor Widya's family heritage. Games and a personal speech from their acting coach, as well as from their best friends became the highlights of the heartwarming yet classy wedding of Yoga and Widya.


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