An Exclusive Look at The Elemental X Tex Saverio Collection by MONDIAL Jeweler

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"MONDIAL along with notable designer Tex Saverio proudly presents our newest series ELEMENTAL, which is a jewelry collection that is both elegant and exquisite, bold and high quality that it can steal the attention from all eyes that passes by," enthused Jenny Prasodjo, the General Manager of MONDIAL Jeweler. Here are the collections.

  • FIRE

    The Fire collection imitates the passionate flicker of fire that is usually seen as a sign of spirit and hope for a new beginning. The design of the jewelries in the Fire collection is inspired by the element itself and phoenix birds. A combination of white gold, rose gold, and white diamond is used in a range of earrings, necklaces and ladies ring.


    The pieces from the Water collection is inspired by the reflection of a calm and blissful water. It teaches us patience and the zen philosophy. These earrings, pendants, and ladies ring are decorated with pearls as the center stone, also white diamonds and blue diamonds. The shape mimics the waves of water which represents a breezy ambiance.


    The Earth collection is inspired by life on earth, where plants grow and flowers bloom. As seen above, these pair of flowery earrings are represented by white diamonds, green diamonds, ruby, and pink sapphire stones. Aside from earrings, the Earth collection are also available in pendants and rings.


    If you are looking for a more edgy style, the Metal collection is the one. It is derived from the element of metal that we are attached to for daily survival. The Metal collection is available on a series of earrings, bangles, and rings that combines white gold, rose gold, and white diamond.

  • WIND

    Wings are a symbol of freedom and ability to reach higher in life. It is the perfect representation of the element of wind, which is why in the Wind collection you’ll fine earrings, necklaces and rings adoring this feature. The collection dazzles in white gold as well as white diamonds.

Excited to have these collections as your personal assets? Find out more on this link.


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