An Adventurous Pre-Wedding Album in Abandoned Ruins

by Karina Leviani Oct 10, 2017 | 09:00 in Pre-Weddings 


As a Singapore-based photographer, Hong Ray of Hong Ray Photography strives to find new photo locations that are breathtaking and still unexplored. "I personally took care of finding the most amazing locations no one knew about, so that every couple will get to enjoy the best pre-wedding photos they deserve. I searched Singapore for countless hours walking by foot, making sure that each location I found was capable of delivering extraordinary photos," Hong Ray explained. "Your personalities are unique, why should your pre-wedding photos be a cliché, the same with so many people out there?" he continued.

Sophie and Jon was the first couple he brought to the ruins he found on the abandoned areas of Singapore. The place was built in the 19th century and then left abandoned for almost 50 years. According to him, it takes a lot of guts to explore off the beaten path as to reach the spots they would have to trek through thick bushes and find their own path. "There were insects all around and we even saw a few dried snake skins along the way! We also had to watch our steps to not step on ant or bee hives and unseen holes on the ground," the photographer shared.

However so, the challenging trip paid off. Even with a location as such, the couple's photos exuded beautiful warmth and heartwarming intimacy. Sophie and Jon were also very impressed with Hong Ray's work, "He was very professional and thoughtful, taking care of our well-being by making sure the locations were safe. He even provided green tea for the hot weather!" Sophie said. "He was very friendly too, making the entire photo shoot felt comfortable and natural," she added.

Take another look at the photos above and add your favorite images to the inspiration board as you go along!


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