Amandari: The Paradise You’ve Been Looking for in Ubud

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The vast panorama of a lush green valley, the sound of a flowing river, and the serenity of Ubud are the things you'll experience when you visit Amandari. The resort is located in the middle of the local village Kedewatan, the terraced rice fields, and Ayung River, providing the perfect setting and atmosphere for those who are looking to achieve peaceful spirits, just like the meaning behind the name Amandari.

Stepping into Amandari

Greeted by the warm and hospitable team of staff, you'll immediately feel like you're at home at Amandari. Not only that they are ready to fulfill your needs, but the Amandari staff are also happy to show the guests the real aspect of life in a rural yet charming Balinese village, with its traditions, cultures, and beauty. They even invite you to special ceremony and rituals that may arise during your stay or take you to see the local girls' dance class that took place at the Lotus Pond pavilion in the afternoon so that you can be truly immersed in the heritage and cultural encounters.

There are 31 private villas in Amandari, which are divided into village, valley, and pool categories. While they differ in the view of rice paddies, Ayung River valley or the Amandari village, all suites are beautifully equipped with large canopies bed, outdoor bathtub, and individually landscaped garden. Though it was built and designed 30 years ago, the timeless and understated elegance of Amandari makes it still relevant and aesthetically pleasing, today and even in years to come. "We have people who spent their honeymoon in Amandari decades ago coming back here to celebrate their anniversary. The fact that we never change this place drastically provides a sense of nostalgia and feeling at home to our loyal guests, and oftentimes they passed their love for Amandari to the next generation," explained Karin van Zyl, General Manager of Amandari.

Celebrating with Amandari

A wedding at Amandari is truly special because it will be intimate, warm, and close to nature. "Most of the times, couples choose to have their wedding at Amandari because they want to have an intimate and private destination wedding that's aligned with the local traditions and nature. Also, because our property offers a naturally beautiful view that they would find hard to resist," said Sonia Bañuls Rovira, Amandari's Regional Spa & Wellness Director. To enrich the couple's wedding experience in Ubud, Amandari provides several premarital beauty treatments that combine traditional methods, which has been used by the Balinese royal family for centuries, with modern techniques. "Soon-to-be-married couples love our bathing treatments like mandi lulur and mandi rempah. To experience a more authentic Balinese pre-wedding ritual, we can also ask a local priest to guide the couple in prayers to cleanse their aura and help them relax before the wedding day," added Rovira.

As a wedding venue, Amandari provides a range of options for your special celebration. For private weddings with less than ten people, you can choose to exchange vows in an outdoor bale beneath the Amandari Pool and surrounded by nature's beauty, or in one of their 31 villas. To cater to a bigger party, Amandari Suite Villa offers more space since it's able to accommodate up to 40 people around the pool.

For larger gatherings, there's a garden alcove with up to 80 people capacity, that allows your guest to sit among the beautiful flora and fauna native to Bali. There's also the Amandari Villa garden that can hold over 180 people and set around natural farmland of fruit plantations and rice fields for you to choose. Looking for a truly private and intimate wedding experience? You can also buy-out the whole resort to get yourself the full access of the main lobby, restaurant area, even the signature infinity pool. Imagine walking down a glass aisle above the pool during sunset time, followed by an under-the-stars dinner and traditional Balinese dance performance. It surely will be an unforgettable moment to cherish forever.

To-dos for Two

After all the wedding festivities, you might want to have some quality time with your new spouse and make new remarkable memories together. Whether if it's your first or hundredth times in Bali, Ubud always has some hidden gems for you to find and explore. To enhance your experience beyond Ubud's touristy spots, the Amandari staff will take you to their natural landscape of sacred temples, traditional markets, and even into their homes. This reflects the resort's way of upholding the philosophy of being a part of their local community.

For example, foodie couples can enjoy an extensive cooking class to learn about classic Balinese recipes. Interestingly, you will be taken directly to the market where you can buy the ingredients, engage and converse with the friendly sellers, and witness the community's daily activities. At the class, you'll get first-hand knowledge on how to chop herbs and spices, pound chilis to make sambal, grate coconut to extract the milk, and cook up all the ingredients into delicious Balinese dishes. Though it might seem laborious, all of the hard work will be paid off when you get to a bale with an amazing view and enjoy the meals you've cooked among nature.

Aside from being known as a cultural arts and crafts center, Ubud has always attracted visitors who are longing for a soul-searching journey or looking for spiritual healing. At Amandari, you can join numerous activities like morning yoga session in the garden, silent walk, and meditation to help ease your mind and nurture your spirit. Or come to the spa to enjoy a relaxed yet soul-enriching bathing ritual in a tub filled with 7 kinds of flowers that symbolize your chakras. For the soulful and divine-seeker couples, you might also want to have a session with Made Lunas, a young, respected spiritual healer who has been guiding people through many different journeys in life for over 15 years. At his house, located among lush paddy fields and jungle, he will help heal your body, open your mind, and teach you how to love your soul.

Other authentic local experiences that Amandari offers, especially for the adventurous and outdoor-lover couples, are the Ayung Valley trek and biking trip. Both guided tours will take you to off-the-beaten-path tracks and allow you to explore the beauty of Ubud through the eyes of the natives. The valley trek will get you walking along the natural ridge pathway up from the river, past rice terraces and to Bongkasa village where you can rest under the shade of what may well be the oldest banyan tree in Bali, while the biking tour has a special route through areas rarely visited by foreigners and lets you encounter small village life along the way. All in all, a stay at Amandari will encourage you to experience Ubud from the traditional perspective and that what makes this place truly special.


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