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All the Lovely Things a Bride Needs to Know about Flower Girls

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Every bride must be familiar with flower girls, the cutest and most adorable addition to thebridal party.It's definitely no secret that almost every bride wants to have one, or two, even three in their wedding. We understand your excitement but there's more to choosing flower girls than what meets the eye. Read through the article to know the first things about flower girls, the dos and don'ts of picking them, and style inspirations for different kinds of weddings.

What Does a Flower Girl Do?
The role of flower girl is typically for an adorable young girl ages three to eight, most commonly a young relative of the bride or groom. What's her primary role? Aside from looking darling as ever, of course, she needs to be the opening act of the bridal procession. She usually comes after the ring bearer (if there's one) or before the maid of honor, scattering petals down the aisle. Modern variation of the traditional petal toss would be to scatter confetti or candies, and carry a small bouquet or flower pompom.

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The Do's and Don'ts of Having Flower Girls in Your Wedding

When choosing to involve a flower girl in the wedding procession, there's work that comes with the cuteness. Inevitably there are some things you need to consider and take care when having flower girls on your big day. Below are some simplified dos and don'ts to get you started on the right track.

Do: Pick your kid carefully
First and foremost, you have to choose the right flower girl. This part is crucial because who you choose will play a big part on how they will carry out their role on the day. Age-wise, consider girls that are the right age; old enough to listen and comprehend instructions and young enough to look adorable and cute. Personality-wise, it would be great if you can get a girl that has a cheerful mood about herself. She will radiate the happiness when walking down the aisle. Also, be sure that this little girl doesn't have stage fright. Imagine her bailing out at the moment she's about to walk or worse, run and cry for her mommy midway down the altar.

Don't: Leave them unattended
On the day of the wedding, don't let your flower girl go unsupervised. You don't have to do this yourself, of course; assign someone to keep watch over her. Wedding preparations can take a long time and no matter how sweet, little girls tend to get bored if not accompanied. Good mood is key. Keep them entertained enough to uplift her mood for her role, but not too tired that she becomes cranky before she walks that aisle.

Do: Pair them, if necessary
Never underestimate the strength of a companion; pairing your flower girl will do a great deal. If she can do this on her own and confident enough to do so, then it's great. If she's a rather shy type, pairing her with someone she knows (her sister or a cousin, most probably) will definitely helps boost her confidence. The only downside to this is if they're having too much fun and ruin their dress and make up or if they fight and refuse to walk side by side.

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Don't: Forget to bond with them
Sometimes due to the lack of young family relatives in your close family circle, brides just pick any kid that's available who's perhaps the sister in-law's uncle's daughter. You've never met the girl and can only hope that she does well. If this happens, on the day that you see her, try to create a bond. Talk to her and get to know her, get her to at least like you. It will be easier for kids to do something for someone they like. If they don't even know who they're doing this for they would most likely have the mindset to just get the thing over with and you surely wouldn't want that.

Don't: Forget to also brief the parent
Briefing the flower girls alone will not be enough, give the parents a briefing as well. If possible, ask them to carry out individual rehearsal sessions with their daughters at home; trying walking with the shoes or timing the walking to the music for instance. As a token of appreciation you can prepare a thank-you gift for the parents and perhaps a soft toy for the kid or any other gift you know she will appreciate.

Do: Dress them along with the other bridal parties
If possible, dress your little girls with the rest of the bridal party. Little girls typically like positive attention. Dressing them in the middle of the ladies of your bridal party will make her feel that she's included and will evoke a sense of belonging to the wedding thus wanting to do a good job for her role. You can even treat her as one of your own besties, asking for her opinion or helping her with her hair. Keeping in mind the good mood rule, this will be a perfect way to keep her happy.

Flower Girls in Different Weddings

Other than picking your own dress and attires, choosing a look for your flower girls should also be very well considered. It has to go with a certain theme and they should look presentable to be the opening act of your wedding. But you have to remember to dress them age-appropriately, avoid putting too much makeup on their sweet faces and let their natural innocence shine through. Slide through the pictures below to see these different looks for flower girls in different types of wedding.

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Rustic Wedding

For rustic weddings, prep your little ladies with flower crowns and use a mini basket woven with flowers to get the organic feel.

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