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A View from the Top: The Trending Aerial Photography


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Photography: Sergey Green Photography

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Photography: Jose Villa

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Photography: The Nichols

Documenting your wedding has only one purpose: to capture all moments of the happiest day of your life and keep them as the perfect keepsake. It's only perfect when the wedding is captured well from as many angles as possible— and the current photography and videography trend introduces the amazing technology to do this.

Over the past couple of months, we've seen a lot of gorgeous wedding photographers and videographers utilizing drones: high-tech remote-controlled helicopters also known as multi-copters. Drones are either controlled by someone on the ground, or programmed to fly and capture some incredible aerial footage— especially if you want a view of your wedding from every angle imaginable.

Getting the view of your ceremony from overhead and capturing the amazing scenery will add a lot dramatic effects for your wedding documentation. Imagine an aerial shot of the entire wedding ceremony that sweeps through the gorgeous venue overlooking all your guests. This opens up the possibilities to capture the entire wedding experience, even more than just a standard close-up and medium shots of decorations and wedding cake.

But before you decide to do this, make sure that you rent the equipment from a trusted source along with a competent operator. Go through a planning session beforehand to ensure the battery life. Pick an ideal open-air area to shoot and to land the drone and plan also security strategies to avoid any drone-induced injuries at the party. You can also check our vendor, The Wedding Drone, for any inquiries regarding an aerial photography service on your big day.

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