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A Simplified Guide to Registration of Marriage (ROM) in Singapore


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When it comes to planning a matrimonial ceremony, engaged couples often spend a lot of time thinking about the details on their wedding day, honeymoon trip, or even their new home together. Before any of those exciting things to happen, there's one important task they must take, which is registering marriage legally. Fret not, the legal procedures aren't that complicated if you're preparing the documents in advance. Let's prepare the civil marriage registration with our step-by-step guide.

Before filing a notice, make sure you're completing the prerequisite for Registry of Marriage (ROM) Singapore, such as:

1. The couple must be 21 years old and above. While it's still possible for couples below 21 years old and above 18 years to get married legally, parents or legal guardians must give consent to the marriage. Those who aged under 18 years old will need to apply for a Special Marriage License.

2. Present in Singapore for at least 15 consecutive days for a non-Singapore citizen or non-permanent resident.

3. Proof of divorce or death certificate of late spouse if either partner has been married before.

Once you're eligible to marry under Singapore government, there are still plenty of things to decide on:

1. Solemnization date and time.

Remember to give at least 21 days of notice to ROM.

2. Solemnization Venue.

You are free to pick any venue to hold your solemnization, but if it happens on weekends or public holidays, you may not be able to hold the solemnization at the ROM.

3. Licensed Solemnizer (LS)

- Invite LS for solemnization at venue outside ROM

- List of LS is available at ROM's website

4. Two witnesses to the marriage; both are above 21 years old

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Step 1: File notice of your intended marriage

As said before, you should file a notice of marriage no later than 21 days before your wedding. Also, the law provides for filing a notice of marriage only up to 3 months in advance, so make sure you'll get married in between the period.

You can file a notice online at ROM's website and pay it with credit card. However, if you need to be assisted on e-Services, you can approach any of the Citizen Connect Centres nearest to you, or go to the e-Kiosks at the ROM. For notices filed at ROM or e-Kiosk, you can pay it with either NETS or Cashcard.

Enter the details of these documents along the notice:

1. NRICs or passports of the bride and groom

2. NRICs or passports of two witnesses

3. Solemnization date and time

4. Address of solemnization venue

For marriage outside the ROM:

1. Name and license number of LS for marriage outside the ROM

2. "Invitation to Solemnize a Marriage" form signed by LS

Upon completion the online filing, don't forget to print the payment receipt, Filing Instruction, and Summary of Notice of Marriage. Please, take note of your appointment date to go to ROM, which is to verify documents (VD) and perform statutory declaration (SD).

Step 2: Go to the Registry of Marriages for VD/SD.

Strictly by appointment only, go to ROM together with your partner and don't forget to have these documents ready:

1. Filing Instruction and Summary of Notice of Marriage

2. Original NRIC (for Singapore Citizens or Singapore Permanent Residences) or original passport (for foreigner) of Groom and Bride

3. Photocopy of NRIC (SC/SPR) or Passport (foreigner) of two witnesses

4. Signed "Invitation to Solemnize a Marriage" form

5. Divorce paper or death certificate of late spouse (if applicable)

Couples who are planning to have their solemnization held outside ROM should collect the following documents from ROM:

1. Confirmation of Marriage License Issued

2. Certificate of Marriage: Black and White color and colored copy

Black and White color

The groom, bride, two witnesses and solemnizer will require to sign on this piece of paper during the solemnization. The paper and provided envelope will be twill be returned to ROM by your LS.

Colored copy

The solemnizer will be the only person signing this piece of paper. The paper will be given to the couple.

3. Marriage folder and checklist

Step 3: Proceed to Marriage Solemnization

There you go! Here's the final step of solemnization under civil marriage laws. Not only the bride and groom must be presented during the solemnization, it needs to be accompanied with:

1. NRICs or original passports of you and your future spouse

2. LS if the solemnization took place at venue outside ROM

3. Hand documents collected from ROM to your LS (applicable for solemnization at venue outside ROM)

4. Two witnesses and remind them to bring along NRICs or original passport

All these above steps may seem complex, but rest-assured it would be easier if you gather all the documents needed beforehand. However, if you still feel unsure, you can also ask your wedding planner to guide through the process. Other than offering wedding solemnization packages that include everything you'd need for a personalized wedding experience, you can also enjoy a peace of mind on your wedding day!

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