A Simple Guide to Change Your Last Name After the Wedding

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We are familiar with the fact that in Western cultures, it makes sense to change your last name to follow your husband's last name after the wedding. In Indonesia, it isn't a must, but there are still those out there who want their last names changed or combined with their spouses' last name. For example, Indonesian actress Nia Ramadhani chose to change her name from her birth name Prianti Nur Ramadhani to Ramadania Ardiansyah Bakrie, adapting her husband Ardi Bakrie's last name.

For those of you who are also thinking of adapting your spouse's last name, or to change your name for whatever reason after marriage, here's what you'll have to do:

1. Letter of Application

There are a few legal documents that you need to prepare to change your name. First, you'll need a letter of application to change your name directed to the District Court. There's no official template for this letter, although you can always find a few examples on the internet. Just make sure that you state strong and valid reasons to change your name in the letter.

After you've applied and have been enlisted, the next process is to wait for your trial schedule. Usually, there are two trials held within around ten days between each other. The court decision will be made around one month since you've applied. However, the trial schedule depends on the availability of the court and the complexity of the case. Apparently, not every name-change application gets approved if it doesn't have strong enough reasons.

2. Approval and Civil Registration

If your application has been approved, you'll receive an approval letter from the District Court, and you'll need to pay the fee to change your name legally. The price is usually around IDR 200,000,- depending on your region's District Court. After you've paid, you'll need to forward your new name to the Civil Registration Office.

There are quite a few documents that you'll need to submit to the Civil Registration Office in addition to the approval letter by the District Court. You'll need the Determination of District Court Letter on changing your name, your birth certificate, marriage book or marriage certificate, family card and identity card. You'll need the original documents for all of those, and some copies of them.

3. Altering Other Documents

Once your name has been changed in the Civil Registration Office, you officially have a new name. However, not all of your relevant documents may have this new name, so you'll need to alter those documents. On top of the list is your identity card. You'll need to visit the sub-district and district office according to your identity card and fill out the Citizen Data Change Statement Form. They will provide you with a new identity card with your new name, which is needed for all the other documents that need altering.

Don't forget that your identity card isn't the only legal document you'll have to change. You need to take care of your driver's license, health insurance such as BPJS, taxpayer number, bank accounts, passport and even your diploma certificate. Each one will have its own procedure, which is why we recommend you to make copies of your newly changed essential legal documents, such as identity card, birth certificate and family card before you start altering other documents.

Changing your name legally requires much time, from collecting original documents, copying them, writing letters and getting various things approved by authorities. We recommend taking a few days off work to take care of everything so that you won't have to delay changing your name. Also, make sure that you are organized and have different folders for different types of legal documents that you want to change. Ensure that your original legal documents are filed in one folder and don't let them scattered, so it will be easier to find.

Have you ever changed your name after marriage? Please share your experience with us in the comment box below!

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