​​A Nostalgic Post-Wedding Album Taken in Gorontalo

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Some couples want to relive the happy memories of their wedding moment. It's their chance to immerse in a nostalgia of their journey as couple and their success for making it to marriage, Annie and Timur are one of those couples. Having gone through 2 years of marriage, they decided to fly from Melbourne to where it all started, Gorontalo. The region holds a special place in their heart as it is Annie's hometown from and where their wedding took place. To pay homage to the people and province, they wanted to explore the beauty of the Gorontalo while indulging themselves in the sweet memories.

The shoot was conceptualized to allow the beautiful place speaks for itself and for the couple to roam about places as they naturally would. They chose everyday places like streets and fish markets, as well as nature spots such as paddy fields while wearing casual outfits. As a result, the pictures radiate the charm of both the sunny and misty parts of Gorontalo, and the couple blended into the scenery. "For the photo concept, I wanted to the photos to feel as natural as possible, and to speak about Gorontalo as much as it was about the couple," explained the photographer.

Just like pre-wedding pictures, post-wedding pictures are your chance to commemorate your relationship while also taking a trip together to remind yourselves of how exciting it is to spend time together, even now that you're a married couple. You might also feel more comfortable posing with your spouse, compared to being in the front of a camera during your dating days. Post-wedding photos are also a great idea for celebrating a special milestone, like wedding anniversary. You can combine your pre-wedding album with the post-wedding ones to see your relationship's journey through the years. The talented photographer of this post-wedding shoot shared a tip for those of you thinking of getting a post-wedding session, "Have a chat with your photographers about your ideas. A good photographer can help pick and conceptualise one or more things to highlight in the photos." To create a post-wedding album as beautiful as this one, PixlPopr advised you to allow the photographer take part in translating your vision to a work of photography.

What do you think about this post-wedding idea? Are you inspired to have one with your spouse? Comment and share your thoughts in the section below!


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