A Laid-Back Engagement Session in Victoria, Australia

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Olivia and Ricco's engagement photo shoot truly reflected their personality as a couple; laid-back and relaxed, yet sincere. The concept behind this wonderful pre-wedding session was to depict how the two lovers slowly and casually spent their daily activities near Melbourne, Australia. Their day started in a caravan, where they just woke up and sipped their morning coffee between sweet little talks. The simple yet heartwarming shots of them happily lying on bed show us just how much they were enjoying each other's company.

As the day went by, the lovebirds drove to a canola field by the main street. They hopped across the fence and took a stroll along seemingly infinite rows of yellow flowers. Their talented photographer, ILUMINEN, managed to capture such intimate, natural interactions between Olivia and Ricco. The day was still too early to end, so they took some more shots with beautiful natural views as their background. Ricco still donned his casual navy blue suit, while Olivia looked stunning in her chic asymmetrical dress. Every time we saw a different shot, we just couldn't get over how deeply in love they seemed to be with each other.

This lovely engagement session was then ended with several closing shots, with Olivia elegantly dolled up in an off-shoulder dress by Cinobi. The whole setting, natural lighting, and romantic love affair blended in perfect harmony to create beautiful memories worth treasuring for a lifetime. With every frame, we became even more sure that the couple and their photographer were also a match made in heaven. "Meeting the right photographer who can connect with us and understand us made the photo shoot extra fun," shared Olivia. And once you scroll down after the photos, you'll see that the adoration is mutual.

Let's see their pre-wedding album right below that will instantly put a smile on your face.

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Some words from the talented photographer:

Ricco and Olivia left a truly heartwarming impression on me. I love the way they love one another, it's in the small gestures that I believe anyone could see if they were there with us. I don't get to meet many people who are as real and honest as Ricco and Olivia were. They had a certain honesty and authenticity about themselves, they were their own true selves throughout the whole shoot. It touches me when people can open themselves up and dare to be vulnerable. Personally, I think it's an act of courage, it's something that I'm trying to bring out more in myself.


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