A Heartwarming Rustic Wedding at Padma Hotel Bandung

by Bridestory Aug 08, 2016 | 09:00 in Real Weddings 


Some couples, like Matthias and Tessa, just seem destined to be together. After years of being on and off relationships while remaining good friends in between, their story finally lead to a happy ending. "To me, their love story feels very real yet surreal at the same time. By surreal I mean it's just like those love stories in the movies," said the photographer.

The couple chose Padma Hotel, a foliage-covered gem in Bandung that offers the kind of natural beauty that suits a rustic wedding so perfectly. In a tent-covered area, the couple used green vines and colorful flowers to adorn their reception space. As if they weren't enough, wooden barrels and hanging glass jars were also added for an extra dose of rustic charm. To top it all off, lanterns were placed here and there to give out a heartwarming glow.

Aside from the beautiful presentation, what we love most about the wedding is how the couple managed make the whole celebration feel so warm. Guests were asked to leave their photos along with well wishes for the bride and groom. That's not all. Matthias and Tessa even decided to not have any seats on the bridal stage, so that they can easily mingle with their guests. It was a truly wonderful celebration, and the photos and video by Fire, Wood & Earth are here to prove it.

From the photographer:

Our first meeting with Tessa and Matthias was at a little cafe in Bandung. We chatted over some coffee while it was raining heavily outside. We talked about some general stuff regarding the wedding day and eventually I couldn't help asking about how they met and their love story. A question I never miss to ask on first meetings with my clients.

As they started from being friends, Tessa and Matthias' love story was pretty much like many others we've heard before. Except for the part when she mentioned about breaking up with another guy she almost got married to. Matthias then snatched the golden moment and asked her back. Who knew that after all those years, she would end up as his fiancée? Surrounded by their closest family and friends, their party felt so warm in the middle of a breezy beautiful valley resort in Bandung. It was surely an intimate occasion which I loved being part of.


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