A Guide to Si Dian Jin and Its Symbolic Meanings

by Bridestory Jul 17, 2019 | 09:00 in Wedding Ideas  


Si Dian Jin has long been deemed as a cherished tradition to strengthen the bond between the prospective bride with the groom's family. Si Dian Jin itself means "4 touches of golds" which is a 4-piece set of jewellery that consists of a necklace, a ring, a bangle and a pair of earring given as a gift from the groom's mother to the bride.

It represents the mother-in-law's blessings for the newlywed as well as assuring the bride that she will be taken care of. The Si Dian Jin jewellery is also considered an heirloom to be passed on from generation to generation. Nowadays, the practice of Si Dian Jin has been slightly more modern. The mother-in-law usually consults her choice of jewellery to the bride to ensure that it is in accordance to her taste.

Modern brides-to-be now prefers their Si Dian Jin jewellery to have a modern touch, such as the ones from SK Jewellery. The SK Jewellery Si Dian Jin is made with 999 pure gold which conveys the purest of blessings to the bride. Every SK Si Dian Jin piece is beautifully crafted and meaningfully told. They usually comprise auspicious floral designs, dragon and phoenix, and so on.

All these intricate and delicate symbols are meant as a form of blessings, each symbol has the meaning as follows:

Dragon & Phoenix: A divine match made in heaven, the pairing of the legendary Dragon and Phoenix represent a perfect harmony for a well-suited marriage made to withstand the sands of time.

Floral: Elegant flowers such as the Perennial Lily and Peonies represent the elegance and beauty of the virtuous bride, indicating a life of full of happiness and blissfulness.

Shuang Xi: Symbolising "Double Happiness", the well-loved "Shuang Xi" character is the perfect culmination of bliss and happiness.

Wedding Pig: Bearing the traditional symbol of fertility, this treasured necklace bears an auspicious significance blessing the couple with an abundance of children.

It is without a doubt that getting your Si Dian Jin jewellery from SK Jewellery will create intimate, meaningful moments for your wedding that will forever be cherished by you and your family. Don't forget to add these beautiful pieces for your inspiration board!


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