A Guide to an Adventurous, Out-of-The-Box Prewedding Photoshoot in Singapore

by Anindya Paramitha Jul 03, 2019 | 12:00 in Wedding Ideas  


During his first six years of profession as a wedding photographer, Hong Ray had been shooting at spots where other photographers would go to. When he realized that his projects had been monotonic due to the lack of location variety, Hong Ray started to lose passion and interest in wedding photography. At that point of time, flying overseas to scout new locations were too expensive and time consuming, both for Hong Ray and his clients.

"Hence, I gave myself a new goal of making my Singapore shots look a tad like it's taken overseas. I started researching deeply and consistently on search engine and maps, searching keywords, like waterfall, desert, cliff, and went deep into some mountain biking, ghost hunters, fishing, and other adventurous forms for ideas," recalled Hong Ray.

Eventually, Hong Ray became known for his brave prewedding shoots that looked unbelievably unique, even though it was all taken in the same country, which is Singapore. He was the first photographer in the country to do prewedding shoots at numerous locations no one had ever thought of before. Here are some of his guide on having a successful prenup photos at unique, adventurous spots for soon-to-be brides and grooms:

1. If it's an outdoor shoot, make sure that the shoot is done early in the morning, or late evening because anywhere in between could mean harsh lighting. In addition, the hot temperature in noon and afternoon can be bothersome for everyone.

2. If it's a rocky beach shoot, check the tide timings. Rocky beaches will appear nicer and safer to access during low tide. Also, note that the low tide must tally with the morning/evening shoot timing for the best result.

3. Most of the unique spots are not easy to access because they are not man-made places, like parks and pathways. The method to access each spot is different, some by trekking, some require off-road mountain biking, and some require walking into underground drain water.

4. Bring insect repellants, enough drinks and snacks, towels, and a change of clothes.

5. Different photographers are specialized in a different type of shoots. Hence, it's important to let them do what they do best. Let the photographer have a final say on the spots because he can visualize how the images would turn out. Sometimes my clients would suggest a spot, but when I visited directly the site, I couldn't find any inspiration for great photos. The only exception is if the couple want to shoot in a place that is meaningful to their relationship (i.e. workplace or university).

6. Avoid searching online for 'prewedding shoot spots' keywords if you want your photos to be unique from the rest.

7. If you are visiting more than one spot, don't choose spots that are far apart because traveling can be inconvenient.

Hong Ray also explained that adventurous prewedding shoots are not for everyone. "I always offer two types of prewedding to couples who come to me: regular and adventurous option. Some brides don't like to get dirty, trekking in the forest, or walking barefoot in greenish water. But, others get super excited with the idea," he confessed. Prior to the shoots, Hong Ray will give his clients a brief of how to access the spots, things to bring, and clothes to avoid.

Are you brave enough to try these prewedding photoshoot styles? Let us know in the comment section!


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