A Glamorous Javanese Wedding with Military Traditions

by Bridestory May 02, 2016 | 09:00 in Real Weddings 


Ines and Tendry entered their new journey as wife and husband through various Javanese cultural processions held over the course of two days. One day before the wedding day, the couple separately had their pengajian, a prayer to ensure that everything goes well, which was then continued with siraman, a Javanese wedding ritual that symbolically cleanses the body and soul. Later that night was the midodareni procession, in which the groom and his family visited the bride's family to reinstate their intention to marry.

Interestingly, according to Javanese tradition, the bride and groom are not allowed to meet in person before the wedding day! That's why, the bride had to wait in her room even as she stated her own intention to marry the love of her life. Even so, we can see that Ines and Tendry would have looked so wonderful next to each other, clad in their traditional wedding attires.

The second day was opened with akad nikah, the religious ceremony in which the couple officially ties the knot and signs their marriage license. With their all-white wedding kebaya and beskap, Ines and Tendry perfectly reflected the pure and sincere love they had for each other. After the ceremony, the couple changed into another set of traditional Javanese wedding attires, this time made from black velvet, before proceeding with several cultural processions, including sungkeman that symbolizes their deep gratitude towards their parents.

The nighttime reception was opened in an unusual, and truly captivating way. Ines was dressed in a glamorous kebaya by Anne Avantie, while Tendry wore his military uniform. As they made their grand entrance, the two were welcomed by the pedang pora procession. The bride and groom passed under an arch of sabers held by fellow military officers in uniform, to honor the military background shared by Tendry and Ines's father, who happens to be the Commander of the Indonesian Armed Forces.

Are you intrigued? Just scroll down and witness the festivities yourself through the lens of Cappio Photography.


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