A Culturally Rich Wedding of Two Artsy Individuals at ICE BSD

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Is it possible that your soulmate is actually someone out there whom God has been prepared for a long time? That is what Raras feels towards Fajar. Everything was started from a brief request during her impromptu maghrib pray. After that, Raras had a meeting with a friend who had thought of introducing her to a man. Raras unexpectedly agreed without further doubts. After setting a time for few times, Raras and Fajar finally met.

Raras actually knew Fajar's sister. In fact, Raras and Fajar had actually met before. 11 years ago during an event, Raras staged as a dancer, while Fajar was in the music ensemble. "He was someone that God had kept to be brought to me at the right time," Raras contemplated remembering those coincidences.

Both Raras and Fajar did have a initial desire to bring their relationship to the aisle. After an intense two weeks, Fajar expressed his wish to marry Raras. They were dating for about a year, and at the same time, preparing their wedding.

Having a similar vision to bring a Javanese concept during their reception dinner, Raras and Fajar then chose a national theme for their holy matrimony and semi-reception. Admires Soekarno a lot, the groom wore a safari to channel the figure of the first president of Indonesia. Raras balanced her husband look with a contemporary white kebaya and her grandmother's batik.

The Akad was continued with a semi-reception at Plataran Dharmawangsa. "This event was considered as a simple reception. We decided to hold it since we did not have an engagement lunch where all extended families could join," Raras explained, "it was impossible to catch up with them during the main reception dinner. Thus, we hosted this intimate lunch which only invited families and close friends."

The main reception dinner was held two days later. Held at Indonesia Convention Exhibition, a strong touch of Javanese culture wrapped in modern creativity was perfectly described the artsy sense of the couple. A giant book installation displayed the love story of the bride and the groom in the Sanskrit language with an impressive illustration which was successfully nailed by Airy. This was the spot where Fajar and Raras could be close to their guests and took photos with them.

Every detail at their happiest day was like a dream coming true for Raras especially. She was able to collaborate with her designer-muse, Anne Avantie. "I always look up her fashion show," confessed this travel agency entrepreneur. "I only told her that I wanted a classic velvet kebaya with sidomukti/sidomulyo batik, and I gave her the freedom to create everything she could think of. It was amazing."

As a dancer, she had been thinking of presenting a special choreography during her wedding. "I choreographed the Javanese dance to show some movements that symbolize respect and obedience to husband, as well as grace of a lady," she explained. With help from a coach from Sanggar Panca Laras, Raras did a brief, yet intensive practice. Of course, it was not easy to do all the movements in 12-cm heels and a 3-m mermaid on her kebaya, but the dancing bride stood out in the crowd, even made her husband shed a happy tear.


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