A Classic-Inspired Pre-wedding Album Filled with Style

by Belle Biarezky Apr 11, 2019 | 09:00 in Pre-Weddings 


Didiet Maulana has been widely acknowledged as the mastermind behind Ikat Indonesia and Svarna by Ikat Indonesia. However, for Avina and Alex's pre-wedding shoot, he worked hands-on as both concept initiator and stylist.

"For the first concept, I was inspired by a classic portrait of my grandparents where my grandmother wore a kebaya while my grandfather channeled a Western suit," Didiet introduced us the first theme. From there, the beauty of classic Indonesian theme was born. Avina who took a vintage kebaya with lasem fabric posed with Alex who dressed in a classic-cut suit. With Avina's low bun and an antique Palembang batik as the backdrop, this portrait well-described a 1960s atmosphere.

After that, a classic Javanese became the main inspiration for the second theme. In a moment, Alex reminded us of a Javanese prince in the old days with a high-neck inner shirt, a kuluk hat and a down-sided fabric. "I spontaneously made the man's belt by myself by putting a pending (a traditional belt head) on to a turmeric-colored cinde fabric," said the designer. Avina balanced her fiancee's fierce with a kutu baru kebaya from Svarna by Ikat Indonesia that was matched with a jumputan bodice and prada batik from Yogyakarta.

Kurung top and Sumatera culture was picked as the next theme's visual inspiration. A red kebaya and jumputan fabric adorned Avina, while Alex looked masculine in a long shirt and suit. A necklace made out of seeds, which was very popular in the ancient days, was explored in a modern choker style.

As an admirer of Sumbanese woven fabrics, Avina expressed her passion in the last frames. Alex's appearance visualized a tough Sumbanese man. Even though Avina wore a woven fabric from Kalimatan, the dress cut and her hairdo channeled a modern culture of east Indonesia. The photo shoot's visual purposefully highlighted dynamic poses and lightings.

Didiet did surely not work alone in realizing the concept. He was supported by Bubah Alfian who successfully put a fresh and young makeup, Ande Alam who did the hair and Owlsome Projects who were not only good behind the camera, but also behind the modern decoration with an ethnic touch.

If you are currently looking for a modern concept for your pre-wedding shoot, but still want to highlight your local heritage, this photo album is recommended to be your primary reference of how a classic Indonesian culture can be freshly and elegantly wrapped.


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