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A Blessing to Share: Helping Others in Need through Your Wedding

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In a wedding, holding a celebration that leaves an impression for the guest is a must. Food are served to cater the guests, yet most parties will always prepare more than needed and this untouched surplus food will go to waste. Hunger is still one of the most urgent challenge the world is facing, yet every week we throw away more and more food that's enough to feed an entire village. Indonesia is a country of more than 260 million people, and in that statistic, there are 20 million people, and still counting, suffering from malnutrition due to poverty.

Bridestory is teaming up with Food Cycle, a non-profit organization that focuses on distributing food to those in need mainly in Jakarta, to help fight this problem and reduce the number of hunger. This is how 'A Blessing to Share' came to surface. "Through A Blessing to Share, Bridestory and Food Cycle are encouraging couples from all over Jakarta to donate their food surplus to be shared to those who are less fortunate, so that their blessed day could be a blessed day for others too," Said Kristi Joviani, Project Leader of A Blessing to Share from Bridestory.

The program is also supported by GO-JEK through the GO-SEND and GO-BOX services. GO-JEK would help collect and deliver the extra food from the wedding venues to the food shelter, where it will be identified and checked for quality before being distributed.

Surely you can't deny it, looking at all the gleaming faces as they receive the supplies, a bigger joy comes and fills all of our hearts. It is always better to give than receive, indeed. That change can always start within ourselves. A little act of kindness, your little act of kindness, can be a great impact on so many.

Wait no longer, register your wedding by filling in the form on our microsite and just like that, your wedding have truly become a blessing for others.

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