9 Things to Consider When Picking Out a Location for Your Destination Wedding

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A destination wedding is getting more and more popular these days. Not only that you'll get a wedding with the view or foreign atmosphere that you've been dreaming of, a destination wedding also comes with the intimacy you share with the guests who are taking the trip with you. It's both a wedding celebration and a getaway! However, deciding on the destination can be a tricky thing. But no worries, here are 10 tips to help you pick the perfect destination wedding location!

  • Know your couple style

    To start with your planning, try thinking about what kind of couple you are. Do you like warm or cool places? What kind of scenery that you enjoy? Do you have a certain memory about a particular place? Figuring these things out will cross off all the unnecessary options that might be people’s favorite but aren’t actually yours. Also, think of what kind of vibe do you want to feel during the ceremony and celebration. For instance, if you enjoy delicious food, you might want to pick a place that’s known for its cuisine. If it’s tropical breeze that you like, then you know where to go!

  • Think about your guests

    A wedding is primarily about the bride and groom, but let’s be honest, you don’t want to get married in a beautiful beach with empty seats. Think about the guests you want to attend the wedding the most. Where are those guests based and are they mobile? How much would the tickets cost and are there wide range of options for lodging? You might prefer a wedding that’s only two hours of plane ride, or accessible via land. If the attendance of your friends is important to you, their convenience should also be important.

  • How much work are you willing to do?

    Any wedding will require a lot of work, but it’s even harder when you have to be away from home to do it. Think about the setting of your destination wedding venue. Is it a farm, beach, or vineyard? Certain venues, especially outdoor ones will require extra time and work for decoration, not to mention cleaning. If you don’t want to take too much leave days for preparing your wedding out of the country, it might be better choosing a venue close by and ones that only needs little effort to decorate.

  • Vendors options

    When you’re organizing a wedding from far away, the chance that you do not pay attention to your vendor’s work is bigger than when you can regularly visit them in your city. So before picking a location, see if there are vendors with good enough credentials to make your dream wedding come true. Make sure you can trust your vendors even when you’re away from them!

  • Learn about the weather

    Be careful with having your wedding someplace you’re not too familiar with. In such instance, be sure to have full information on what season and what kind of temperature, humidity and precipitation rate you will be dealing with. Some place may not be experiencing snow, but is affected by its harsh, cold wind. Some place are hot but dry and other places are humid. Don’t let the weather surprise you only after you get there!

  • Research the travel essentials

    As the host, you would need to make sure there’s enough information you can get from your previous visits to the location or from the internet, then share those info with your guests. If you can’t find proper places to eat or to exchange money in your destination, it’s better to drop it. You don’t want your guests calling you dozen times a day to find out information even you can’t get.

  • Language barriers

    Many non-urban places are blessed with beautiful beaches or mountain view that are perfect for your wedding. Although this doesn’t apply to all cases, you can’t expect everyone in your destination to speak your language. The solution for this is, again, to research! Oftentimes, people living in places that are commonly visited by tourists speak English. Sometimes, they only speak the local and not even the national language. Make sure that at least you can find tour guides that speak your language for the convenience of you and your guests.

  • Local religion or traditions to honor

    To hold a religious ceremony, you need to make sure that your place of worship exists in your destination. Even if you decide not to have your wedding in a church, mosque or temples, you still need to find out if there is any religious leader there to officiate your marriage. Also make sure you honor all local traditions, custom, and culture in your destination. For instance, some places might frown upon your DJ’s loud music, free-flow alcohol, or there could be a rule against decorating the wall or throwing flower petals onto the streets. You must either adjust your wedding to the custom or pick a more suitable venue, so no one will get offended with any aspect of your wedding.

  • Local wedding requirements

    Getting married abroad won’t be as simple as getting there. Certain countries hold strict rules for people to be wed there. Find out the paper works you need to finish before getting your marriage legal! Different countries also have different requirement for how soon you need to arrive before the wedding. If you’re having a wedding in England, you need to be there at least 3 days prior to the event, while in France, there’s a 40 days requirement. Make sure you can meet the requirements, otherwise you might need a backup destination.

Hopefully, after considering these things you would find the perfect location for your destination wedding!

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