8 Conversation Topics to Discuss With Your Partner for a Healthy Relationship

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Balancing your marriage doesn't only involve mundane things, such as a romantic getaway or a birthday surprise. Some simple things, such as a daily heart-to-heart talk, can be spiritually tranquil for each one of you. Certainly, it also keeps the marriage healthy.

Here are some healthy conversations to have with your partner to balance your marriage life.

1. How was your day? How was your feeling today?
Everyone is indeed experiencing different things each day even though living in the same roof. This kind of healthy conversation is recommended to have on the bed. Not only to express your feelings and to share stories, but you and your spouse can also learn to be a good listener. Besides, no one will hold a grudge which can negatively affect the marriage. And of course, you can rest better.

2. What things you like and don't like about me?
Every person can change since your surroundings can also change. Sometimes, words, such as "you are not the same person anymore" is often expressed during an argument. Prevent it with reflective conversations, and ask your partner what things from you that he/she fancy lately, along with the dislike things. It is an evaluation topic for both of you and your spouse. And, when both of you is being honest, the marriage can be well-maintained.

3. Have I been giving enough support?
Whatever activities you and your partner is doing, it certainly needs support. Whether one of you are mostly doing the household, working at the office, or traveling for work the most, all of them can contribute both pleasing and unpleasing experiences. Ask your partner if you have been giving a proper moral and material support and whether it can ease his/her loads. This kind of understanding attitude is really essential in a relationship.

4. What kind of sex do you prefer? What makes you satisfy?
Did you know that sexual activity is one of the causes of divorce? Don't be hesitant to talk about sex with your partner. If you don't mind to ask about his/her sexual activity preference, your partner will undoubtedly do the same thing. Communication and honesty are the keys in the pleasure of sexual activity in marriage.

5. How you would like us to raise the children?
Plan the offsprings and their future with your spouse as early as possible. Talk about their growth and create an image of their future together with your partner.

6. What do you think about my family? What things you like and don't like about them?
In Asia, the big family's intervention is typical for most couples even though they don't live in one house anymore. An external factor like this can sometimes trigger arguments. It is better to bring this topic up during a daily casual moment, so there won't be a hidden feeling because of your hesitation to talk about your partner's family.

7. Should we improvise our financial strategy?
The financial topic sounds heavy. However, it is important to have it when planning for future needs. Focus on the solutions, as well as be open to your spouse regarding each of your income and outcome.

8. Where will be our next trip/holiday destination?
Don't forget to add casual topics, such as planning leisure activities. Other than planning for a holiday, some simple weekend plans can also be on them. For example, trying out a new restaurant on the weekend or seeing an art performance.

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