6 Tips on How to Wear Your Hair Down for the Wedding

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In spite of the bright sunny or cold wintry air, some of us like to keep our hair down for the wedding day. However, there are things to remember as having your hair loose can easily turn into a messy and greasy look no one wants. For that, read through some insights we've prepared for you to avoid dull-looking hair here.

1. Pull back all your hair

This style is actually one of the best ones you can opt for, as having less hair framing your face will reduce the issue of greasy hair. You could choose simple braids and clips on the sides to keep stray hairs in the right place.

2. Make use of dry shampoo

Dry shampoo is a wonderful invention. This product is a sure solution for a greasy scalp. If you don't have one in an emergency situation, you could use plain corn starch solution. Just rub it to your hair roots and remember to keep tapping it to brush off the white powdery color, which can be unsightly for dark hair.

3. Give a texture

The rule of thumb for this is not to fight your natural hair texture. If you have curly hair, just do slight style touch-ups with curling iron to make neat waves. If you want to stay with your naturally straight hair, try to spray on texturizing products to keep you from looking dull and polish the hair with a straightening iron.

4. Voluminous hair

To ensure maximum volume, you could always use volumizing mousse products before you style your hair. Another way is by using a textured professional flat iron for your interior hair layers to keep your hair volumized. Just remember, you need to section your hair into at least 3 parts and start from the very deep interior layer of your hair.

5. Don't forget the use of hairspray

Just like dry shampoo, hairspray is also the ultimate must-have for your big day. Hairspray will help your hair stay in position against wind or veil movements. Don't overuse it though, because your hair might end up looking unnaturally crisp and stiff.

6. Pick a Style

Just because you choose a natural-looking do, it doesn't mean you should look boring. Don't hesitate to play with braids or twist styles if you want to keep the look simple and effortless. For more impact, try to accessorize with embellished clips, delicate ribbons, bohemian head-band or organic floral or leaves.

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