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6 Simple Ways to Take a Break from Wedding Planning

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After getting engaged, wedding planning is the next step you're going to be excited about. But this process can be time consuming and you might find yourself thinking about nothing but the wedding days after days. With such a hectic agenda, it's easy to find yourself tense, stressed and anxious. That's why it's important to have a break from the wedding planning. Hit the pause button and take a look at these easy 'time-out' ideas guaranteed to rejuvenate your body and mind.

1. Pamper yourself with spa treatment

Trust us, you deserve some pampering after those countless meetings with the planners. You can spoil yourself with a massage, manicure and pedicure, or some hair treatments. These beauty pampering will leave you feeling relaxed which helps save time in cross-checking your wedding beauty to-do-list.

2. Indulge yourself with good food

If you and your fiancé are foodies, both of you can go on a short food adventure. You could go to the new restaurants that you haven't tried before or simply go back to your favorite restaurant for a meal free of wedding discussions.

3. Treat yourself with short-getaway

There's no better idea than letting yourself enjoy the scenic mountain view or a warm breeze of the ocean. While you're exploring and relaxing, you can also find effortless inspirations along the way that you can apply later to the wedding details.

4. Have a retail therapy

There might be tons of things you need to buy for your wedding; especially if you've decided to go the DIY route on some elements. If you haven't, this might be the best time for you to do some shopping and reward yourself with one or two new clothes or accessories.

5. Give yourself a free day

Get one perfect day just for rest and relax. Don't do anything wedding related and spend some time on your hobby. You might forget how rewarding it feels to pick up your passion where you left of before all the wedding planning business.

6. Have some quality time with your loved ones

When arranging your wedding, you're bound to spend more time with your mother or best friends as you ask for their help, of course. But you should re-call when are the last time both of you have actually spending time without any wedding things mentioned. Why not take a break; and get some daughter-mother bonding time or girls' night out with things you enjoy most together. Refreshing and gets you back to simpler things.

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