5 Tips to Refresh Yourself After an Exhausting Trip

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Your honeymoon will be like a trip into space. After the hurly-burly of wedding planning and honeymoon arrangements, you'll finally enjoy your first vacation as husband and wife. Then, a few days of serenity and peace will soon to pass, entering the familiar activities and responsibilities. With some tips from us, we are hoping that you may find yourself to be ready to resume your regular life again.

1. Treating the sunburn

Getting exposed to the sun might cause your skin to burn a little; but no need to worry because you can treat it at home. The most practical remedy for sunburn is to apply the thick, gel-like juice of aloe vera plant directly to the burn for five times per day in several days. Aloe vera causes blood vessels to constrict so it takes the sting and redness out of sunburn.

2. Removing the peeling skin

After the sunburn, comes the peeling skin. To remove it, take a lukewarm bath. Avoid hot water as it can irritate your peeling skin further. The lukewarm bath, however, will soothe sunburned skin. Use a soft washcloth or disposable cleansing cloth to gently wipe the peeling skin. This will remove any very loose pieces without harming the healthy skin underneath.

3. Cleansing the body system

After the over-indulging holiday, it is good for your health to cleanse your body system, so have 2 cups of green tea a day will help you regulate your digestive system and give extra energy. On top of it, it helps burning off your extra calories gained over the honeymoon. Quick tip: don't add any sugar and don't have to too late so that your sleep is not interrupted.

4. Repairing the broken sleep routine

After the honeymoon, you might experience jetlag. The best prescription is to be patient and give yourself a chance to enjoy your normal routine. However, it is very important to force yourself to stay awake until the local bedtime so that you may have normal body clock by the time you have to work.

5. Getting enough rest

Last but not least, remember to get plenty of rest. After all, you've been spending months to plan your wedding and honeymoon. So make sure you rest well, sleep well, and get excited to embark your new journey with your spouse.

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