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5 things grooms should know about the first dance

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Call it what you want, but dancing at your wedding makes the night all the more special for your wife. Just imagine — the DJ calls for the couple to have their first dance, your family and friends crowd around you, cheering and applauding as you sweep your bride off her feet with grace and your silhouettes twirling in the moonlight. Okay, I got a little carried away. But keep reading and we'll give you tips to not injuring your wife's feet on your wedding night.

Choose a wedding-appropriate song. Preferably a danceable one and if possible, one that holds meaning for you and your spouse. This may not help you get better at dancing, but it does set the mood for the two of you, as well as your guests. Word of advice: Do NOT go for a Lil Wayne song.

Confidence is key. You're dancing, not getting tortured. A smile on your face goes a long way, both for you and your wife. Be happy my friend, you're marrying the woman of your dreams! By smiling, you don't just look good, you're giving your wife assurance and she's bound to feel a whole lot more secure as compared to you looking like The Incredible Hulk on a sugar high.

Invest in a pair of quality shoes. A good pair of shoes should make you look like a celebrity and at the same time give you the finesse and grace of a professional dancer. Make sure your shoes have enough friction against the dance floor lest you slip and fall at your first dance.

Practice makes perfect. While surprising your wife on your wedding night with your newly-founded dance moves is incredibly romantic, be sure to practice your first dance together a few times before the big day just to ensure that no mishaps occur as you twirl under the spotlight. This will also give you a chance to unwind with your significant other from all the wedding stress and as a way to connect with each other in a way you've never done before.

Don't just sway. This isn't high school prom in the 80s. You're a matured, confident adult and you're ready to show the world your moves! But don't go overboard and do an LMFAO shuffle. Stick with the Box step, one of the easiest dances to learn, but at the same time one of the classiest to watch.

Watch this vid to learn the Box Step.

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Jazz things up by pirouetting your partner below.

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