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5 Amazing Eyebrow-Shaping Experts You Should Know


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Photography: Ilah Brow and Dove Spa

Beautiful faces are not only bound to eyes and lips, but also eyebrows. Often overlooked, eyebrows are considered as an essential part of the wedding look as they frame your eyes. So, it is undoubtedly crucial to have a perfectly-shaped set of eyebrows. To prepare your brows for the wedding day, visit an eyebrow-shaping parlor at least 3 days before the big day, so if you get any red marks from a threading or waxing procedure, it will have time to heal. Here are 5 brow experts that can give you the best eyebrow treatments.

Sulam Signature by Intan

By adding colored pigment and filling the empty spots on your brows, Sulam Signature by Intan will give your brows a fuller and bolder look.

Laura Bride

Based in Bandung, Laura Bride is specialized in 6D eyebrow embroidery. This technique creates fuller, but more natural brows for your wedding day.

Winda Sulam Alis

As one of the eyebrow experts based in Jakarta, Winda Sulam Alis provides natural-looking eyebrow embroidery service.

Brow Specifique

Brow Specifique is specialized in enhancing your bridal look with natural eyebrow embroidery technique.

Shitta Sulam Alis

For your eyebrow treatment, Shitta Sulam Alis is the expert to go to. They are specialized in shaping eyebrows to create a more delicate and natural look.

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