40 Best Real Weddings of 2016

by Bridestory Dec 27, 2016 | 09:00 in Real Weddings 


One thing we love about weddings is the fact that they don't stop happening. People will keep falling in love and committing to each other every single day, resulting in unforgettable celebrations that continue to touch our hearts.

This year, we've been graced by the presence of beautiful weddings of all themes, styles, and colors. Among the many nuptials we've shared on the blog, here are our editors' picks of the best real weddings of 2016, in no particular order. Click through the slideshow below to find out which weddings made our list! Perhaps one of them is your own?

  • Photography: Axioo

    An Eco-Friendly Wedding Nestled in the Woods of Lembang

    Model Sari Dimas and photographer Frey decided to take their wedding to the outdoors. What we love the most is the eco-friendly concept that really complemented their venue in Lembang, West Java.

    See more photos here.

    Photography: Lambok Sinaga, Sugi Hermawan, Arislan Sitohang

  • Photography: Axioo

    A Couple’s Multicultural Wedding in Jakarta and Ngentak Village

    This particular photo is our favorite. The bride looks absolutely stunning and we simply adore her festive green Bugis attire. See more photos here.

    Photography: David Christover

  • Photography: Axioo

    A Photographer's Elegant Black-and-White Wedding Album

    Being a photographer herself, Poppie Mayiesky had to chose a maestro to capture her wedding day moments. Celebrated photographer, Davy Linggar took artistic shots from unpredictable angles, and the results were unlike your typical wedding photos. See more photos here.

    Photography: Davy Linggar Photography

  • Photography: Axioo

    A Rustic Outdoor Wedding in Prigen, East Java

    This couple's venue is actually a golf club and resort, but the leafy decorations transformed it into a wooded wonderland. Beautiful greenery adorned every corner, even the tables and wedding cakes. See more photos here.

    Photography: Summer Story Photography

  • Photography: Axioo

    A Magical Forest Wedding on Mount Pancar

    Not every couple can throw a forest wedding but Kelvin and Irma did it so flawlessly. Despite the unusual venue, you can really feel the cozy atmosphere even only by looking at the photos! See more photos here.

    Photography: Axioo

  • Photography: Axioo

    A Whimsical Rustic Wedding With DIY Details in Jakarta

    There’s so much to love about this wedding. The charming simplicity, the intimate atmosphere, and of course the DIY details the quirky bride made herself. We particularly love the illustrated welcome sign and handmade souvenirs. See more photos here.

    Photography: Isac Bolivar

  • Photography: Axioo

    A Vibrant Peranakan Wedding With A Touch of Colonial Heritage

    Peranakan-themed decorations are so vibrant and ornate, they can be tricky to pull off. But in this wedding, everything looked harmonious. We adore every single element, from the table settings down to the bridesmaids’ kebaya. See more photos here.

    Photography: Venema Pictures

  • Photography: Axioo

    The Classic Outdoor Wedding of Junior Liem and Putri Titian

    What we love the most about this celebrity couple's wedding, aside from their fun-loving personality, is what they wore. The shocking-pink traditional attires in the morning were to die for. See more photos here.

    Photography: Axioo

  • Photography: Axioo

    A Rustic Barn Wedding on The Blue Ridge Mountain

    This rustic wedding combined the ruggedness of a barnyard party and the elegance of a chic indoor celebration. It was basically the best of both worlds. See more photos here.

    Photography: A Muse Photography

  • Photography: Axioo

    One Couple’s Classic and Refined Wedding in Apulia, Italy

    This couple's serene wedding ceremony was held in an antique cathedral, which was subtly decorated with greenery. It was classic, traditional, and very beautiful. See more photos here.

    Photography: Cinzia Bruschini Photography

  • Photography: Axioo

    A Colorful Travel-Themed Wedding in Boracay, Philippines

    With cute travel-themed details and bold bridesmaid dresses, this colorful wedding in the beach paradise of Boracay quickly won us over. See more photos here.

    Photography: Love Train Studios

  • Photography: Axioo

    A Flowery Moroccan Inspired Wedding in Bali

    The Moroccan-inspired decorations in this wedding were very beautiful indeed, but we couldn't take our eyes off of the bride, Felicia's dress. The unique patterns and plunging neckline made her look super sexy. See more photos here.

    Photography: Axioo

  • Photography: Cappio Photography

    A Glamorous Javanese Wedding with Military Traditions

    This picture tells it all. Hanging flowers and crystal chandeliers formed a glamorous backdrop for this beautiful Javanese wedding. See more photos here.

    Photography: Cappio Photography

  • Photography: Axioo

    A Heartfelt Villa Wedding in Phuket, Thailand

    Nothing beats saying “I do” in front of a majestic view of the ocean, don’t you think? We love how the all-white decorations complemented the whole setting without being too overwhelming. See more photos here.

    Photography: darinimages

  • Photography: Axioo

    A Stunning All-White Wedding in A Tropical Paradise

    One thing we learned about weddings, is that a classic all-white theme will always be beautiful. Set on the Island of the Gods, both the ceremony and reception décor of this wedding will inspire any bride. See more photos here.

    Photography: Angga Permana Photo

  • Photography: Axioo

    A Rustic Alfresco Wedding in Batu Belig with Shades of Blue

    This beautiful bride had five different dresses for celebrating the happiest day of her life and each of them looks perfect on her. Curious about all her dresses? Just click the link below. See more photos here.

    Photography: Punyan Photography

  • Photography: Axioo

    A Bali-Inspired Rustic Garden Wedding in Jakarta

    Even if you can’t have a destination wedding, you can still bring a relaxed ambience to your celebration. Take some notes from this bride, who creatively brought Bali’s intimate atmosphere to Jakarta. See more photos here.

    Photography: ILUMINEN

  • Photography: Axioo

    A Santorini Wedding in Shades of Olive Green and Sea Blue

    The fact that this wedding was set in Santorini already set our hearts aflutter. The overall ambience, decoration, and how everything came together made it even more irresistible. See more photos here.

    Photography: Jen Huang Photo

  • Ethereal Ballroom Wedding With Shades of Dusty Blue

    Aside from the very beautiful celebration, these wedding pictures quickly captured our hearts. Erika Gerdemark's warm and artistic photos will definitely inspire you as well. See more photos here.

    Photography: Erika Gerdemark Photography

  • Photography: Axioo

    An Understatedly Elegant White Wedding in Uluwatu

    The intricate white decorations are what we love the most. All the seats were very beautifully set and the tall flower centerpieces made everything look so glamorous. See more photos here.

    Photography: SAL PHOTO

  • Photography: Axioo

    An Elegant Outdoor Wedding With Shades of Blush and Gold

    The cozy garden atmosphere, the beautiful flower arch, and the perfect combination of blush and gold shades are the reasons why we love this Surabaya wedding. See more photos here.

    Photography: gaillard mathieu

  • Photography: Axioo

    One Couple’s Lavish Four-Day Indian Wedding in Bali

    Indian weddings are known for their festive parties and days-long processionals. Jinesh and Ekta’s wedding was no different. Their four-day nuptials in Bali was packed with celebration after celebration, with no dull moment in sight. See more photos here.

    Photography: Axioo

  • Photography: Axioo

    A Truly Elegant Wedding in Ungasan Bali

    This jaw-dropping night reception décor is just extraordinarily pretty, don’t you agree? We especially love the floating stage, cascading flowers, and warm glow. See more photos here.

    Photography: Axioo

  • Photography: Axioo

    A Lush Destination Wedding at Haiku Mill, Maui

    The bride instantly knew that this venue was “the one” and her decision to book the location even before seeing it in person was proven to be right. Lush greenery created an otherworldly ambience for this wonderful Maui wedding. See more photos here.

    Photography: ENMUSE Photography

  • Photography: Axioo

    An Elegant Rustic Wedding in Bali With Shades of Serenity Blue

    We love the unusual serenity blue color for the bridesmaid dresses that paired especially well with the white tulip and pink astible bouquet. See more photos here.

    Photography: Axioo

  • Photography: Axioo

    A Modern Sundanese Ballroom Wedding With A Rustic Vibe

    What stood out the most to us was this bride’s wedding kebaya. A refreshing alternative to the usual flower patterns, this bride’s kebaya had an intricate web-like design, not quite like anything you’ve seen before. See more photos here.

    Photography: Venema Pictures

  • Photography: Axioo

    A Glamorously Elegant Javanese and Minang Wedding

    Traditional Indonesian weddings are always very opulent, and this one with its red-and-gold color combo brought the glam level just a notch higher. See more photos here.

    Photography: Le’ Motion

  • Photography: Axioo

    A Festive Traditional Wedding at Plataran Cilandak

    This particular photo took our heart away. Nothing is more heartwarming than seeing a bride dancing happily at her own wedding, don't you agree? See more photos here.

    Photography: Journal Portraits

  • Photography: Axioo

    A Colorful Wedding in Turquoise, Tangerine and Yellow

    This bride had not one, not two, but three vibrant colors as part of her wedding color palette. Somehow, she managed to keep it all in harmony. See more photos here.

    Photography: Orange Studios

  • Photography: Axioo

    Two Elegant Rustic Celebrations in Jakarta and Bali

    The bride’s dress, the leafy trees, the balanced colors, everything just came together so well in this particular photo. In the end, we couldn't resist putting this wedding on our list. See more photos here.

    Photography: ILUMINEN

  • Photography: Axioo

    An Intimate Garden Wedding at Hotel Majapahit Surabaya

    Famous for its colonial architecture, Hotel Majapahit Surabaya makes a stunning wedding venue. Its vast garden area is also perfectly suitable for an intimate party, just ask this bride! See more photos here.

    Photography: NOISE

  • Photography: Axioo

    A Glamorous Rapunzel-Inspired Wedding in Jakarta

    This photo just says it all. If you love fairy tales, marvel upon how this Rapunzel-loving bride incorporated shades of lavender and gold to create a magnificent wedding. See more photos here.

    Photography: MORDEN

  • Photography: Axioo

    One Couple’s Alluring Traditional Wedding

    The presence of colorful and merry traditional dancers added such a festive ambience to this traditional Javanese wedding in Jakarta. See more photos here.

    Photography: Soe&Su

  • Photography: Axioo

    A Laid-Back Lodge Wedding in The Woods

    Looking at this album, we can tell that everyone had a lot of fun. The couple ensured that all their guests, even the children, were well-entertained. Laid-back as it was, the wedding was no less pretty than any other celebration. See more photos here.

    Photography: Nastia Vesna

  • Photography: Axioo

    The Rustic and Elegant Wedding of Raya Kohandi and Amdriyanto

    The wedding of Indonesian actress Raya Kohandi was truly enchanting. Aside from every beautiful wedding elements, we love how the couple took a step further by assigning an all-white dress code to all their guests. See more photos here.

    Photography: Gusde Photography

  • Photography: Axioo

    An Eclectic Bohemian Javanese Wedding at Borobudur Temple

    A bohemian traditional wedding is uncommon, but this couple managed to pull it off beautifully. Colorful flowers livened up the atmosphere and to top it off was the iconic Borobudur Temple as the background. See more photos here.

    Photography: Diera Bachir Photography, Askara Photography

  • Photography: Clockwise Pictures

    An Elegant Sundanese Ballroom Wedding With Muted Shades

    This beautiful couple’s ceremony had some of the loveliest decorations we have ever seen. The muted colors worked really well together, creating a soft-looking traditional wedding that will whisk your heart away. See more photos here.

    Photography: Clockwise Pictures

  • Photography: Axioo

    Zizi and Arga’s Traditional Bataknese Wedding

    Next up is the wedding of former Puteri Indonesia pageant winner, Zivanna Letisha Siregar. The couple embraced their roots with a traditional Bataknese wedding with shades of pink. See more photos here.

    Photography: Fotologue Photo, Mindfolks Wedding

  • Photography: Axioo

    The Rustic Italian Wedding of Carline Darjanto and Aoura Chandra

    Carline and Aoura’s wedding was well-crafted to the smallest detail. From the olive-leaf invitations to the lemons adorning the tables, every element blended in beautifully with their stunning Tuscan venue. See more photos here.

    Photography: Angga Permana Photo

  • Photography: Axioo

    The Wedding of Sandra Dewi and Harvey Moeis

    Sandra Dewi and Harvey Moeis' union was definitely the fairy-tale wedding of the year. They started with an enchanting wedding ceremony in Jakarta, before throwing an unusual destination wedding at none other than Cinderella's castle at Tokyo Disneyland. See their Jakarta wedding photos here and Tokyo wedding photos here.

    Photography: The Leonardi, Axioo

There you have it, the 40 best real weddings of 2016. Tell us which one your favorite is in the comment box below and don't forget to share this article to inspire other brides-to-be as well!

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