4 Ways to Reinforce No Cell Phone Rules on Your Wedding

by Bridestory Aug 28, 2015 | 09:00 in Wedding Ideas  


  • Photography: Adriano Mazzocchetti

In today's technology savvy era, it might be hard to ask free cell-phone time from some of your guests on your wedding day. But who would want to have their picture-perfect moments ruined by the flash lights from your guests' phone cameras? Wondering how to inform your guests about your unplugged wedding? Find your best way, here.

1. Let your officiant do the job
This is probably one of the best ways in letting your guests know about your unplugged wedding early before your ceremony starts. Have the officiant tell guests politely that you've hired professional photographers and would be happy to share the photos with all of your guests afterwards. Also, don't forget to make a clear statement on why you do so.

2. Give heads up in your invitation
It's common for people to have symbols in the invitation, for example, having a picture of a camera in a strike through circle would indicate to your guests that phone cameras are restricted too. You can have this information in your wedding website if you have one.

3. Use the word-of-mouth technique from your bridal shower
When the request to put away your phone comes from fellow guests, it'll definitely be seen as a less unpleasant experience rather than confronting guests with your event organizers staff.

4. Set up a printed sign at your wedding table

If you chose this method, you might end up with guests who don't really notice the sign as they aren't really paying attention to it. But a table sign would be a good additional reminder when you have the wedding officiant announces the no-camera rule.

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