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3 Things to Know Before Planning Your Wedding Budget

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Last week he popped the question – and gave you the most gorgeous ring you have ever seen. You said yes. Yesterday, both of you had decided to tie the knot in ten months. Then, what to do next? Where to start? What about budgets? Here are three things to know before planning your wedding.

1. Know your expectation
Do you want an intimate wedding or a huge one? Do you want a standing or seated wedding party? What about his and your family? What are their expectations on the guests' numbers? What kind of wedding pictures do you want?

2. Know what you're dealing with
It is impossible to plan your budget without first, doing your research on the approximate cost in your area. In an extreme example, it wouldn't make sense to plan $1 meal per person and then get stunned because it actually costs you a lot more. Therefore, we suggest that you do your research while constantly looking back and forth toward your own expectations.

3. Know who pays
Decades ago, we wouldn't really discuss about this, because depending on your culture, it was pretty clear on who pays what on what term. However, these days, there are more people who do not mind to be equally involved in terms of paying the bills. So perhaps it is better to be open about your financial plans right from the beginning so you may plan your wedding budget carefully.

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