20+ Hijab Wedding Dress Inspirations for Modest Brides

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Hijab isn't just an attire, it's a lifestyle. And, including that lifestyle to your wedding day is an absolute must. Fear not, wearing a hijab doesn't restrict you from your wedding dress options, instead your hijab enhances your chances of standing out. Check out these hijab wedding inspirations from various notable designers!

  • Blooming Petals

    Asky Febrianty wow-ed us with her latest hijab dress innovation. Whoever gets to wear this dress will feel like a blooming flower indeed thanks to the layered petal-shaped cut on the bottom line.

  • Ruffled Gown

    This gown is a treat for those of you who love to rock the boho chic style. We think the layered white lace seem elegant and classic at the same time.

  • A Play on Tulle

    Light and airy, this dress is perfect for an outdoor wedding. The sleeves and bottom part of this dress are made with tulle and embroidered with specks of dainty flowers which are making it look fun, fresh, yet sophisticated.

  • An Ethnic Treat

    Don’t you just love this Minang interpretation for a hijab bride? A simple set of Minangkabau traditional attire, with flowery patterns that match her wedding stage and a lovely traditional headpiece, surely elevate the look.

  • Like A Princess

    We love how this bride paired her heavily sequined white gown with a tiara on her hijab. It also brought out the colour of her complexion and her wedding bouquet.

  • My Beautiful Veil

    Studio Boh took things to the next level with this bride’s fully sequined veil in silver to complement the nude ensemble that she has on.

  • I Am Royalty

    Who says only queens are supposed to wear capes? The addition of a chiffon cape with sparse sequins resembling specks of stars really complements the dress underneath.

  • The All-White Day

    An all-white wedding is always a classic. We love how this bride chose to wear different kinds of whites to contrast her veil, her kebaya and her skirt.

  • Loving Lace

    Another white dress inspiration, but this time the lace is all different! For her veil, this bride went with flowery details to differ with her pearl sequined white kebaya.

  • The Blushing Bride

    The colour blush pink will never go out of style for weddings. We love how this bride even matches it with her whole attire and hand bouquet.

  • A Twist on Koto Gadang

    Koto Gadang is all about big and bold sequins, and this bride isn’t afraid to wear those as her hijab on her wedding day. Doesn’t she look absolutely divine?

  • Wonderful Nude

    Soft nude and white are such a perfect combination to create a pure yet edgy feels to the attire. We also adore how this bride isn’t afraid to go 3D with her sequin dress!

  • Humble Beauty

    Another nude inspired wedding dress, yet this time it’s a Javanese kebaya twist. The gold sequin accents really made this kebaya more glamorous than it already is.

  • Something Blue

    Stray from the light-coloured wedding dresses, why not? This bride is bold enough to do exactly that. Navy blue looks amazing for an evening reception and matches great with a classic white bouquet.

  • Take My Hand

    Blush pink and silver complements each other perfectly! Big silver sequins spread out from the neck on the wedding dress, and smaller bits of silver decorates her waist.

  • Minangkabau Bride

    Another Minangkabau hijab wedding dress shining so bright, we’ll need sunglasses. Sanggar Mini took the classic Minangkabau colours: maroon and gold to make this bride stand out on her happiest day.

  • Eternally Smiling

    Unafraid to mix metal colours, this bride chose to wear silver as her hijab and as part of her Koto Gadang ensemble. Her light blue attire brought out the golden accessories as well as the silver hijab itself!

  • Bold and Bright

    Mandailing culture wedding attire, such as Minangkabau, is known for their statement head accessories. This bride isn’t afraid to complete her extravagant crown with a bright red hijab dress and making herself the center of attention.

  • Simply in Love

    Anggi Asmara created a nice, short veil for this bride to wear over her nude hijab. The veil itself is nude-coloured so that the pretty white sequined kebaya underneath it will still obvious through the sheer.

  • The Classic Gown

    Who says wearing a hijab prevents you from wearing the classic, white wedding gown? This dress by Hian Tjen is further elevated by the short, front-open styled cape and a silver crown veil.

  • An Exquisite Attire

    Pairing your hijab with a sequined veil is a definite success, and so is pairing it with an embroidered veil like this one.

  • Fearless Green

    Experiment with colours! We love this emerald green matching attire, along with the green and silver sequins which highlight the colours harmony.

  • Old Hollywood Glam

    This look is giving us a 20’s fashion vibe! Simple, edgy and effortless are the three words that come to mind when we see the lace hijab cap along with this flowy white wedding dress.

  • All Eyes on Me

    Myrna Myura took the gold from the wedding accessories as sequins to match with the soft, light pink kebaya. She made the tail entirely gold to complement the Lampung traditional sarong.

  • Magical Midnight

    Going extra with the veil again, why not? This midnight blue kebaya is already exquisite and is even more amazing with the excess veil fabric trailing around this blushing bride!

  • Wrapped in Love

    We’ve seen a lot of floor-length and short-length veils, but this chantilly lace veil is a great somewhere-in-between.

  • Enchanting Woman

    Criss-cross lace is always tricky, but for this bride’s wedding gown along with its cape using the same lace, everything falls perfectly with each other.

  • Embroidered in White

    From the back, the embroidery on this bride’s gown is truly bewitching. Showing a 3D flower embroideries complementing a different type of embroidered fabrics as its cape, this dress is just an explosion of elegance.

Which hijab wedding attire is your favorite? Share it with us on the comments section below!


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